Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas 2014

We are getting ready for Christmas. The inside and outside of the house decorations are done.
The Christmas tree lights are on almost all day.
Doris is busy making pecan rolls and other goodies. 

Mr. Big gets into the act, helping with the decorations.

I went to the Senior Center for the Christmas dinner. A piano player entertained us while we ate.

The Carson Mansion is the biggest house in Eureka. It was built by a lumber baron.
It is a private club now. The family sold it and did not want it to be used as a museum, and they did not allow that the family name be used. It is now the Ingomar Club, a private club.
I always wanted to see the inside. Today I had my chance. Doris is a member of the Eureka Heritage Society, and they had their Christmas Luncheon there. 

During the reception we were entertained by a piano player.

A lady playing the harp was entertaining guests in the bar.

The dining room is an addition to the mansion. 

It was a rainy day and unfortunately the view from the window was not that great.

During the luncheon a choir was singing Christmas songs.

After the meal a tour of the mansion was available. I participated. Taking photographs was not allowed. I was able to take some. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable. We started in the family dining room. The woodwork in the rooms is magnificent.

There are many beautiful stained glass windows in the building.

Since it started as a men club there are several game rooms. Women can join now.

The lumber mill was on the waterfront, near the mansion. Carson could see what was happening from the tower. 

The Pink Lady was a wedding present for his son. Where the lumber mill was there are houses now.

In the evening we had a birthday party for Clay, Doris’s son.  

Christmas is over.
Scott was busy, before Christmas, changing the garage to a game room. He put a new floor in and finished the outside wall. One wall has to be still worked on.
First he had to set up an electronic game table. On one side are the electronic games and on the other side is a pool table. In addition ping pong can be played by covering the table with the ping pong  plates.
He had to keep it a secret from Nicolette and Jacob. Santa Claus brought this big present. Poor Santa must have had a big sleigh.

On Christmas Evening we had a crab and lasagna dinner. We were ten people.
Doris made the camels and other figures for the nativity scene. They are located on Mr. Big's favorite spot. He jumps on the window sill and sits between them sometimes.

Mr. Big got some special attention from Willie.

On Christmas day we had a traditional turkey Christmas meal with three homemade pies, apple, banana cream, and another one. Doris makes everything from scratch. We spent a lot of time in the kitchen.
Doris’s son and grandson and their wives came for dinner.

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Barbara and Ron said...

I've always been curious to see the inside of that mansion too. Cool that you were able to. I hope you and Doris have a wonderful Christmas!