Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year 2015

Yesterday we had a fun day.
At 6:00 PM we went to the Moose Lodge where the lodge and the Friendship Circle Dance Club held their New Years Eve dinner and dance.
Doris had made a pasta salad with shrimp and other ingredients. There was plenty of good food.

At 7:00 PM we started dancing to the music of Lindy Mantova. Our regular five piece band was not available.
Lindy played very good music to dance to.

The hall was decorated very nicely.

Some people came to just watch.

Ray and Doris were dancing the East Coast Swing. I hope I will be still dancing when I reach his age.

At ten o’clock we rang the New Year in. We celebrated New Orleans time. 
Our next stop was the home of friends of Doris. A big party was going on there. There was plenty of food and booze. The large house was full of people. It is a very old beautiful house. I believe the husband is a doctor and the wife owns an antique store. There is a lot of money hanging on the walls and the furniture is expensive too.
At midnight everybody went outside for the fireworks. I took two pictures while nobody was around. 

The fireworks was low altitude and only two feet above ground. I almost got my pants burned.

The people have a 1949 Lincoln in the garage. 

This is going to be a very busy week. We did not go dancing on Monday.
Doris is attending a seminar on the Internet. She sits on the computer from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM listening to speakers. She gets some breaks and a lunch break. She has to do this Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week. The seminar is to keep her Certified Public Accountant status in force.
Saturday evening she has her University Women of America group at the house. Sunday we pack the motorhome and Monday we are heading for Quartzsite.
I was supposed to be on jury duty this week but my group did not have to go in on Monday and we were excused for the whole week. I was lucky.
This morning we brought Mr. Big to the vet for teeth cleaning. From there we drove to the motorhome storage area.
I picked up the motorhome.
I had no problem while I was driving the seven miles on the highway but when I came into town and stopped at traffic lights the motor stopped. I had to use the push button for the house batteries to keep going. I made it to the alley. There the engine stopped and the starter made only a clicking sound. I put the battery charger on the engine battery and charged for thirty minutes. When I tried to move the motorhome on the concrete slab in the backyard the engine stopped again while I found out that the motorhome is too long. On one side I had only two inches clearance.
I could not open the door and Doris had to bring a step ladder so I could climb out of a window and charge the battery some more.

After 45 minutes I backed the motorhome back in the alley and drove to the front of the house. I parked it there. When I drove Doris’s pickup truck back on the slab we noticed a 16 inch diameter and two feet deep hole. The earth had caved in. I filled the hole with bricks and rocks.
The motorhome tire marks where just beside it. I was lucky that I made it across before the hole appeared.

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Barbara and Ron said...

Happy new year to you and Doris. You had quite a busy time.