Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April 2016

April- 3-2016.
We went to the Redwood Coast Music Festival. It started Friday and ended Sunday. We did some dancing.

The bands were very good. The first band we saw was The Grand Street Stompers.

Bob Draga and Friends was next.

The Red Skunk Band.

High Sierra Jazz Band.

Gator Nation.

At the Sequoia Community Center they have a giant screen on one wall and the show the bands when they are playing.

Twice as Good 2XG was the name of this band.
 Dave Bennett Swing Quintett.

Brain Cloudy Blues.

Joe Smith and the Spring Pickles.

Davina and the Vacabonds.

Gino and the Lone Gun Men.

Au Brothers.

There were six venues where the bands played. We went to four of them and saw all the bands.


Yesterday I moved the motorhome to the Moose Lodge. I am heading south. I am probably making a big mistake. Doris and I are still friends though.
Today I worked on the motorhome. I finally figured out why the signal lights on the car, when being towed, do not work sometimes. The receptacle on the motorhome had a loose connection. I replaced it.
I also installed sensors on the tires of the car and programmed the tire monitor. I am always worried about a flat tire on the car when towing it. On the motorhome I can tell when a tire busts, but I would never know when it happens on the car. Now I have a monitor on the dash board of the motorhome which tells me the tire pressure on the car while we go down the highway.
All the tires of the car have sensors inside the tires but they work only with the monitor of the car.
I was scheduled for Jury Duty tomorrow but when I called the court at 5:00 PM I was told that I did not have to go.
I think I leave for Yuba City tomorrow. The Escapees have a big gathering there in a few days.
We had summer weather today. The temperature was about 80 degrees F. and some local people were complaining about the heat.

April- 7-2016.

I left Eureka at 8:15 AM and arrived at the Coyote Valley Casino near Ukiah at 11:30 AM. I was the host when the WINs had a gathering here two years ago.
I unhooked the car and left for the Buddhist Monastery in Ukiah. I had lunch at their vegetarian restaurant.
After lunch I drove to Walmart and bought groceries. Late afternoon I walked through the neighborhood. It has improved some. A lot of the front yards were cleaned up. Some still have bottles and other stuff all over the lawn.
They have now a beautiful playground for the children. The casino must make some money.
The casino has also a brand new gasoline station with store.
I always fill up the tank for the motorhome in Willits, since gasoline is thirty cents cheaper per gallon than in Eureka.
Today I did pay $ 2.49 per gallon. When I came to the casino the price was $ 2.34 per gallon. I got 36 gallons in Wilitts. I could have saved $ 5.40. 

I moved today to the Colusa Casino and Resort which is located outside of Colusa.

Across the highway is a large walnut plantation.

RV parking is in the back of the casino and it is free.

After lunch I drove to Yuba City and checked out the entrance to the fairgrounds. For the rally the entrance on C Street is used. My GPS gives me only the location of the main entrance.

Some of the volunteers are already there and are laying out the parking spots. I will be going there on Sunday.


I visited the National Wildlife Refuge today. I should have done it yesterday while we had summer weather. I had plenty of time. This morning it started to rain and it rained almost all day.
The refuge is a stop for the Canadian Geese and there are a lot of them.

I also did the Coluso River Walk. The trail is on the banks of the Sacramento River and above the river and the houses and streets. I suppose it was built for flood control.

The trail ends at the Sacramento River State Recreation Area. It is for day use and for camping.

Coluso is a clean town with well kept up beautiful old homes. Poor people seem to live in old motorhomes and trailers near the river.


Now I am in Yuba City for the fifth WARE (Western Area Rally for Escapees) I arrived at the fairground a few minutes before 8:00 AM and they put me in a good spot near the halls where the action is.
I got electricity, which normally is not important, but we did not see any sun yesterday and it looked like it would be the same today.
Besides, the first 140 rigs get electricity for the same price as dry camping. Since I was early I just took it.
After setting up the motorhome I went into town and did some shopping.
At 4:00 PM we had a social hour. Door prices were given and there was a 50/50 raffle. The raffle paid
$ 150.00.

At 6:30 PM we had hot dogs and chips.

The weather was a lot better than yesterday. It did not rain and the sun came out periodically.
I am disappointed. Nobody from the San Diego Area Escapees is here. Some Solos are here but I do not know any of them.
There are about 150 motorhomes and trailers here. Most of the attendees are couples.


Yuba has a large population of people from the Punjab province of India. They are Sikhs. In the morning I visited the Sikh Temple. I did not go in. Everybody is welcome but I did not want them to go through the ceremony for one person.
One has to take the shoes off and a head gear is provided. There is also food involved.

At the 4:00 PM social hour two local ladies, dressed in 1800’s garb, gave us a history lesson about this region. I had just read the book about Wells Fargo and was familiar with some of the story.
Then came the parade of the Escapee chapter signs. Chapter 25, my chapter, was not present.

A RV dealer has a fifth wheel trailer on display. I took a picture of the living room and the kitchen. It is difficult to take a good picture of the kitchen.
The living room is fantastic. It has a fire place and a large TV.


After the meeting Square Dance lessons were in order. A good sized group participated.
There are also line dancing lessons every morning.


In the morning I went to the library and in the afternoon I attended two seminars. One was about motorhome maintenance and the other about RV electrical maintenance.
At the 4:00 PM social hour was a fashion show with clothing for women.
An auction was held at 6:30 PM. Camping World had donated a lot of items. The proceeds will go to Care, the Escapee facility which takes care of members who need a place to stay when they cannot take care of themselves anymore.
After the auction we had an ice cream social.
I still have not made a decision where to go after the rally. One group of WINs is traveling in New Mexico right now. I would rather stay near the coast and take my grandchildren somewhere in July.  
We had good weather again today.


In the morning I went to a Tire Safety Seminar. Early afternoon two local, young ladies sang Broadway Show Tunes.

At 6:00 PM we had a catered BBQ dinner. The ribs were good but the chicken was dry.

Dancing started at 7:00 PM. The band was very good but only a few couples danced. I danced with an old lady once. She was on the way to line dance when I grabbed her.
About fifteen women stood at the side and when the music started the line danced. They never sat down. It is stupid. They do not need men anymore. Most people just sit there and listen to the music. I asked several women on my table, but they do not dance.
After twenty minutes I went to my motorhome. The WINs would have filled up the dance floor. 

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