Thursday, April 14, 2016

Indio - California -2016

I left Yuba at 6:00 AM and arrived where Nelda lives a few minutes after 12:00 Noon. I had called her three hours earlier and asked her to have lunch with me.
It turned out that I had lunch with her in the dining room of the home.
The cooks there provide wonderful meals. They make them look good too. I sat again with her two female friends and a one hundred year old gentleman. When one talks to him it is difficult to believe he is that old. He is still very sharp.
Nelda is still doing fine. I met Nelda twelve years ago. She was still in her prime.
I arrived at the Glendale Elks at 4:30 PM. They had only a dry camping spot for me, which is fine.
After a little rest I walked to “The Americana at Brand”. It is a fancy shopping area with all the expensive stores.

The elevator tower brings customers to all the floors of the building behind it. I took the elevator to the top floor hoping to get a good picture of the whole place. Buildings are in the way and I failed.

Doris and I were here just before Christmas and the decorations and the colorful light shining on the water fountains made it magical.
They have their own trolley.

I made it through the Los Angeles area real early. There is traffic all day and night.
I arrived at the Elks Lodge in Indio at about 9:00 AM.
At 1:00 PM I met Connie, a friend from Convair, at the Las Casuelas Mexican restaurant. We had a wonderful lunch.
Connie had a rough year. She and her husband had moved back from Hawaii when she had a heart attack and her husband had a stroke and died in the hospital.
She is doing fine now. They had just bought a house and were ready to move in. The movers had to leave and come back some other time.
It is warm here. I am using the air conditioner in the motorhome.

It is hot in the valley. Connie and I went to Babe’s Bar-B-Que Brewhouse for lunch. The baby back rips were superb, so were the cole slaw and the sweet potatoes fries.
Last night I could hear part of the music from the Coachella Music Festival. It must have been very loud because I am several blocks away from the Polo Grounds.
The Guns N Roses band was the headliner.

This was another hot day. I started my morning walk at 6:00 AM. After the walk I drove to Walmart and did some shopping.
At noon I turned on the air conditioner and did some reading and watched television for a while.
It is time to move to a cooler place.

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