Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Humboldt County, California - May 2016

Today and yesterday we saw a lot of the sun. My motorhome is located under big redwood trees and it is in the shade most of the day.

At 1:00 PM I left for Trinidad to hike up the Trinidad Head. In Eureka we had blue skies and when I arrived in Trinidad it was foggy. The Memorial Lighthouse and the bay were in a light fog.

Since I was here already I started to walk up the head and after thirty minutes it got brighter and I had to take off my jacket.
Trinidad has a beautiful beach.

Halfway up the head I took a telephoto picture of the Memorial Lighthouse. The real lighthouse is located on the head.

From here one has a very good view of the town and bay.

The pier is visible too.

On top of Trinidad Head is a cross. It is not visible from below because it is hidden by big trees.

When I got down again I went back to the Memorial Lighthouse to take another picture. The fog was gone now.

I really enjoy the view of the bay from here.

In the neighborhood people have beautiful desert gardens.

Most of this land belongs to the Indian tribe. The pier and boat launch belong to the tribe too. They also have a casino in town.

In the distance is Trinidad Head. It has not much altitude but getting up there costs some calories. The view from up there is worth the effort.

On the Moose Lodge property are a lot of big redwood trees. The place looks like a park. Deer come by in the morning.

The neighborhood has a lot of trees too. On my morning walk I enjoy the cluster of houses surrounded by redwood trees.

I really like this house.

This morning I drove up the coast to the Redwood National Park. My first stop was the Visitor Center where I watched a short film about the redwood trees.
The sweet peas at the Visitor Center are in full bloom.

Then I drove to the Lady Bird Johnson Grove, where I walked the 1.5 mile loop.

The average tree in the grove is between five hundred and six hundred years old. Under the trees grow ferns, azaleas and rhododendron bushes.

Some of the trees withstood giant forest fires. Most of the inner structure is gone, burned out, but they are still alive.

Half way up the trail is a little rest area with benches. Here is a plaque honoring Lady Bird Johnson for her effort to beautify America..

Those three hundred foot tall trees have only a shallow root system and in heavy storms some of them fall. This tree fell across the trail.

On the way home I stopped at the beach. We had wonderful weather today.

In the evening I picked up Doris and we went dancing at the Humboldt Grange.

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