Saturday, May 28, 2016

Kinetic Grand Championship - May 28-30 - 2016

Today was the first day of the Kinetic Grand Championship , the triathalon of the art world.
Artists construct sculptures with bicycle parts and other materials. They have to be seaworthy.
No motors are allowed, only people power is used to propel the structures.
The event started at 10:00 AM at the Plaza in Arcata.
The teams lined up and the visitors enjoyed checking out those wonderful machines. I do not know how this bicycle with super large tires will do in the water. Some of the entrees have support teams which help installing floating devices when they get to the bay.

This tricycle has air tanks on each side and on the back.

This unit has the floating devices on the top.

Judges check whether the vehicles have proper brakes. The dragon was the largest entry. Eight people provide the power.

Some of the chain and sprocket mechanisms are quite intricate. 

People were watching the goings on from the roof of the Jacob’s Building. It did not look very safe.

The announcers were stationed on a flat bed truck.

The weather was perfect today. There were blue skies and the temperature was about 62 degrees F.
The water is cold though. I would not like to go with one of those contraptions on the water.
From the Plaza the teams went to the dunes. I had enough for today and went home.

Doris and I went, at 8:30 AM, for breakfast at Gill’s by the Bay.
After breakfast we drove to the boat ramp under the Samoa Bridge and watched the Kinetic Sculptures enter the water.

The covered wagon could not make it. The cover acted like a sail and the wind pushed the sculpture to the bank of the bay. Since the crew was not strong enough, and they could not accept any help, they were disqualified.

The Madaket tour boat was loaded with the Queen and her subjects. They cruised up and down the bay singing to loud music.
Everybody had fun.

We left early because Doris got chilled. It was warm in the city but cool on the bay and she did not wear a heavy jacket. I would have liked to see the dragon on the water.
It was difficult again to find a parking spot. There were a lot out of state cars. The affair is very popular.

I did not go to Ferndale to see the final of the Kinetic Championship. I took it easy today. Claudia and her family went to Santa Rosa for the long Memorial Day weekend. They wanted some sun and a swimming pool.
I went dancing and was surprised that twenty four people showed up on a holiday. Doris did not come. She had her family at the house and was busy cooking and baking.


Barbara said...

I love, love, love that event. Ron hasn't been and I keep saying he would love it too. Thanks for all the pictures.

Barbara said...

I love, love, love that event. Ron hasn't been and I keep saying he would love it too. Thanks for all the pictures.