Sunday, June 5, 2016

Eureka - June 2016

Today was the first Saturday of the month and Arts Alive was held in Old Town and Down Town. All the Art Galleries were open until 10:00 PM.
Bands were playing in the galleries, shops and on the street.
The Kenny Ray and the Mighty Rovers band was playing at a coffee shop. They perform sometimes at our Monday night dance.

The Pan Dulce Steel Orchestra was entertaining at the gazebo. They are very popular and the music is great.

This little boy made a lot of money, being cute pays well. People put a lot of dollars in his guitar case.
He had a speaker system and it sounded great.

Souls can be also be saved at such an event.

Uncle Sam was there to get donations for the 4th of July fireworks.

Doing this alone was not much fun. I met people I know from the Senior Center, the Monday dance and other places. Eureka is a small town and Arts Alive is one of the big events in this community.

Early afternoon I drove to the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

They have wonderful hiking trails. There was not much wildlife but the scenery was beautiful.

While coming to the refuge I saw hundreds of Great Igres in shallow water. I could not stop because the road was very narrow. I thought I will see them later. All I saw was one.

I talked to a couple who were also visiting the refuge. I told them that I saw many Igres from the road and now I see only one. They made me aware of the birds roosting in trees across the valley. I would have never noticed those white spots in the large trees. It was foggy there and my camera has only 10 X magnification. I got a picture but it is not the greatest. I am surprised that those long legged birds are sitting in large trees.

At the museum they have displays of birds and other wildlife.

Near the refuge is the town of Loleta. The town is well known for its cheese. The milk producers are in the green meadows.

When I came back to the Moose Lodge I was greeted with music. A local elementary school had a fund raiser and tri tip steak was served. It must have been successful because there were a lot of cars in the parking lot and on the grass.

This past week I worked on the car and motorhome. I have not used the Brake Buddy on the new car because I had a difficult time to install a 12 volt outlet in the car, connected directly to the battery. . The two outlets which are already in the car do not work. The Brake Buddy pushes the brake pedal one time and then the compressor stops working.
I could not find an entrance from the motor compartment to the inside of the car. I finally gave up and took the car to an auto electric shop.
I had the electric system checked out and they installed the harness I gave them for the 12 volt outlet and also installed the break away line for the Brake Buddy. I had removed both of them from the last Saturn.
When I tow the car a fuse in the motorhome blows. The running lights on the car stop working but all the lights on the motorhome are not affected. They could not find anything wrong with the car electrical system. It has to be the car though. I never had a problem towing the other two Saturns.
The Brake Buddy works fine now and I will use it, especially in mountainous regions. This car is bigger and heavier than the other Saturns I owned.
To solve the draining of the car battery while the car is being towed I installed a connection between the motorhome batteries and the car battery. I used 10 gage wires and two prong connectors. I installed a fuse near both batteries.
On the two other Saturns I never drained the battery. On this car I have to remove a fuse when towing the car. It was supposed to take care of draining the battery. Now I should not have that problem again.
This morning I walked in Sequoia Park. It was a beautiful, sunny day.

Ducks were sleeping at the side of the pond. Little turtles were enjoying the sun.

In the afternoon I drove to Rhoner Park in Fortuna. They had a Flea Market there. Most of the vendors owned small old trailers, like this tear drop trailer.

There were more vendors inside the Firemens Pavilion.

This was another magnificent, sunny day.
I walked two and a half miles of the Hammond Coastal Trail in McKinleyville this morning.
Walking five miles is just about right for me. I will walk more of the trail another time.

Near the trail are some big, expensive homes. They are built like castles.

From their homes the owners look over the Mad River, over the narrow sand dunes, and they see the ocean. The houses are located higher then where I am standing. The view from the houses must be fantastic.

On the side of the trail are blooming bushes and the trees have moos hanging from the branches.

There is also the Widow White Creek Trail, a short, narrow trail which goes back to the Hammond Trail.
On this trail there are a lot of flowers in bloom.

On the way back I admired those houses.

This beautiful home has two motorhome garages.

At a big meadow were four benches. At one bench sat an old man, his walking stick was leaning against the bench. When I was sitting down on one of the benches the man made me aware of a Grey Heron walking in the meadow looking for food.
I ate my lunch and then asked him whether he walked very far from here. He had his car around the corner. He told me that he cannot walk anymore. He is seventy six years old, one year younger than I am.
I am very lucky.

Today was the first Summer Concert on the Bay. A Rock Band from Los Angeles provided the music. They were pretty good.

The audience enjoyed the music and some people were dancing.

Kayakers were in the water and listening too.

The concert started at 6:00 PM and unfortunately at 7:00 PM it stated to rain. That was the end of the concert.

In Arcata they had the Arcata Bay Oyster Festival today. Oysters are raised in the bay and shipped all over the United States.

There was entertainment for the children.

But the main event was eating oysters. There were several booths which sold oysters. The lines were very long.

The line at the SUSHI booth was the longest.

There were other foods available.

Throughout the day several bands were entertaining the crowd.

A red lobster, an owl and an old man were wandering around the plaza.

The affair was like a picnic. People were spread out on the grass in the plaza.

I did a lot of walking today. First, I drove to McKinleyville and walked the Northern part of the trail, to Clam Beach County Park.
This part of the trail is mostly in the sun, there is very little shade. And it was sunny today.

I walked to the beach. Before reaching the beach I had to cross the dunes.

From the beach I could see Trinidad Head in the distance.

At this spot the Eel River joins the ocean. I enjoyed the view and ate my lunch while sitting on a large log.

The Western Snowy Plover does not build nests. The female lays the eggs in the sand. This bird is protected and part of the beach is off limits.

The walk was 1.6 miles one way. I thought I did not walk enough today.
My next stop was Trinidad where they celebrated Fish Festival. To get a parking spot I had to park outside of town, which meant more walking. There was no shuttle bus.
The Main Street was closed for motorized traffic. Booths lined both sides of the street and all kind of stuff was sold.

Across from the Town Hall salmon was grilled on BBQs. For $ 15.00 one got a little piece of salmon, coleslaw, fries and a salad. There were two lines, half a block long, waiting to be served. I do not like to wait very long and just enjoyed the goings on.

A band was playing.

At the end of the street is the bay with the Memorial Lighthouse. Trinidad is a very beautiful little town.

I took Nicolette and Jacob to Freshwater Park in Freshwater. Rene, a friend of Claudia, and her children where there already.
A car ran over Trinidad’s foot and she needs crutches to get around.

Jacob is on one of the floats.

Nicolette is now in High School. This brings back memories when Claudia was fourteen years old.

Jacob is jumping from the side of the swimming hole.

Jacob is spraying the girls.

Both, Jacob and Nicolette jumped from the high board.

While I was with the grandchildren Claudia packed for tomorrow’s trip to Disneyland. Nicolette, Jacob and I are heading South tomorrow.

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