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Eureka - June/July 2017

June 28, 2017.
After ruining the motorhome TV antenna I felt really bad. I wondered when my bad luck would stop.
This morning I went to a RV repair place and looked for a new antenna.
They did not have one in stock but called another place and they had one. After lunch I went there and bought it. I asked how much the installation would cost. The owner of the store told me that he is booked for the next six weeks. I hear that a lot in Eureka.
I had installed one of those antennas before in one of my other motorhomes, but I did not want to work on top of the motorhome this time.
I swept all the little branches and leaves off the top of the motorhome and removed the broken antenna.
Then I assembled the new antenna and drilled holes for the bracket for the Wilson telephone booster antenna in one of the posts..
I left the old base in place. I was lucky Winegard had not changed the attaching points. After completing the work on the roof I went inside the motorhome and raised the antenna. It worked .
Now I got TV stations but there was interference. With the new antenna came a signal booster. I removed the old signal booster and installed the new one.
Now I had several clear stations. In the past I was thinking about replacing the signal booster because some of my WIN friends most of the time picked up more TV stations.
I feel a lot better now.
To get a new window takes five weeks. I believe the company has to make one. I called Eureka Glass and they will send somebody to look at the window and see whether they can replace the glass.
An insurance adjuster should come after the Independence Day weekend and look at the storage bay damage. I had told the insurance company that I would be gone until the long weekend.

July 2, 2017.
I fixed the storage bay. I was wondering why it had not fallen off some time ago. Since there is the waste water tank above the box it was only attached to the sidewall of the motorhome. All the other boxes are also attached to the underside of the floor.
The next step is to install metal straps under the box and attach them to the frames.
The door needs some work too. The lock was pushed in and the hole is elongated. I have to fabricate a metal plate with a three quarter inch diameter hole.
Thursday evening I went to the boardwalk for the Thursday's Summer Concert. A few women of the Moose Dance Club were there and we danced.

Friday evening I went to the Elks Lodge for cook your own steak and dancing.

Saturday and Sunday the weather was not great;  I did a little walking and writing the accident report for the state and did a lot of resting.

July 4, 2017.
I went to the Independence celebration in Old Town. Second Street was closed for vehicular traffic.
There were booths selling food and other items.

Near the gazebo a band provided the music.

Belly dancers were there too.

A Scottish band was playing at the other end of the street.

A little train was ferrying people along the bay.

The weather was beautiful with blue skies. The Madaket had a lot of passengers on board.

July 7, 2017.
We had another beautiful afternoon. The temperature went up to 60 degrees F. and no rainclouds in sight.
After lunch, at the Senior Center, I walked the Hikshari Trail. Then I fixed the door on the storage compartment of the motorhome.
Now I have to polish out some of the scratch marks and the job is completed. The window glass should be here in a few days.

I had moved the motorhome again to get better TV reception. When I stood still in one part of the living room I got good reception. When I moved the screen was all scrambled.
My neighbor bought an antenna from Walmart and he claims that it works. I bought the same antenna and put it on the dashboard and get eleven stations. The antenna works perfect. It is also a WIFI booster. I am working on that now.

Tonight I went to the Elks Lodge to dance.
Thursday evening I went dancing at the boardwalk. The band was very good for dancing. After the dancing I went to the Redwood Curtain Theater and saw the play:"The legend of Georgia McBride".

July 9, 2017.
Today was Annie and Mary Day in Blue Lake.
Blue Lake is a small town, fourteen miles from Eureka. It is inland and the weather is better there.
The parade was at 11:00 AM. I was early to take a look at the town. While I was walking Becky came by on her BMW motorcycle. She was going to the location where the parade started and to line up for the parade.

I like the mural on the wall of the Thrift Shop. In 1910 the town had a train station; it is now a museum.

On one side of the street were old cars lined up and on the other side of the street parked Corvettes.

Stephan, Becky's husband, has their BMW Isetta on display.

The parade started on time. The Boy Scouts carried the flags.

The Fire Department came next. I took a picture of only the old fire truck with children on board.

The Chicken participated in the Kinetic Championships on Memorial Day weekend.

This women group was a lot of fun. They danced to the music of a band which marched behind them.

The Humboldt Highlander Pipe Band participates in a lot of parades and festivities.

A lot of people own horses in this part of the county. The Blue Lake Saddle Club had a lot of members in the parade.

After the parade I went to the park where the entertainment was. The band was playing while people lined up for Barbequed beef. The aroma was very inviting but standing in line for a meal is not for me.
There were also a few booths selling kettle corn and other items.

From Blue Lake I drove to Woodley Island to do a little walking. I believe this lighthouse is not in use anymore.

July 16, 2017.
This was a very good week.
This afternoon I went downtown and walked for an hour and then danced at the Morris Graves Museum from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM.
The museum has every third Sunday “Wine and Jazz”. The Yokels were providing the music. They are one of our favorite bands at the Moose Lodge.

Yesterday I went with the Nooners for lunch to the Oriental Buffet in Arcata. Most of the members eat lunch at the Senior Center and on Saturdays they go at noon to different restaurants. Since I like the Oriental Buffet I joined them.
My next stop was the Sand Sculpture Festival in Manila. After attending the event on Mustang Island in Texas I was disappointed. Ten entries built basic sculptures. The turtle was the best one.

Friday, we had Rodeo Day at the Senior Center. I wore my cowboy boots and my white hat. Joanne wore her square dance outfit. For lunch, we had John Wayne Casserole.

Thursday evening I went to the Summer Evening Concert at the water front. The band played music of the Eagles and I have never seen so many people at the concert.

Wednesday Eureka Glass installed the new glass in the window. All I need now reflective film to attach to the inside of the window. I could not find any in Eureka. Somebody told me it is outlawed in California. I have to wait until I go to Arizona.

Tuesday, I saw artists start on a new, large mural in Old town.

Children got sailing lessons at the Aquatic Center.

Monday I danced at the Moose Lodge.

July 23, 2017.
We had fantastic weather this week. The thermometer went up to 67 degrees F. today and yesterday.
Yesterday I went to Fortuna to the Fortuna Redwood Auto Xpo. On Mainstreet were 300 Oldtimers lined up on both sides of the street. On the High School parking lot they had 100 more.

Some of the old cars have different colors than when the cars were new.

The 1957 Chevy became a classic. My 1957 Pontiac-Starchief is forgotten. I saw one some years ago in Grants Pass, Oregon.

This replica of a 1934 Mercedes Benz is a beauty. It has a V-8 Chevrolet engine.

Thursday, I went dancing at the waterfront. The Funky Dozen were providing the music.

Yesterday, I went dancing at the Grange in Bayside. It was no fun. We were more men than women, and some of the women did not dance. I did not stay very long.
Friday, I danced at the Elks Lodge; the band was very good and I was able to dance a lot.
July 30, 2017.
This week I did a lot of dancing. Monday, I danced at the Moose Lodge, and Thursday at the waterfront.
Friday, three members of the Humboldt Accordionairs came to the Senior Center and provided the music.

Saturday, I danced again at the Moose Lodge. Sunday, I went dancing at the Swiss Club in Loleta.
On my walk I admired the completed, new mural. I looks like Tokyo at night.  

Saturday, was “Get out and play Day” in Eureka. At the Clark Museum they had woodworking demonstrations. Only human powered tools were used.

At Sequoia Park was a picnic. There were booths from the fire department and other organizations.

The line for the free hamburgers was very long. I just looked around and then went to Safeway to buy some bread.

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