Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wild Animal Park 2009

It rained almost all weekend, sometimes it felt like the sky was coming down. We need the water in Southern California.
It very seldom rains in the summer. Diana mentions in her blog, that every time she comes to San Diego, it rains.
The city should pay for her to visit in the summer. She might help us to overcome the water shortage.
Today we had again blue skies and we headed for the Wild Animal Park near Escondido.
The park is located about 30 miles North of San Diego.
We are members of the San Diego Zoological Society and can visit this park and the zoo as many times as we feel like.
After riding with the tram around the African and Asian plains, we did some good walking.
The Wild Animal Park is not only known for its animals, it is also a botanical garden and the trees and flowers are something to see.
With all the exotic animals around, Doreen felt like feeding the mooching ducks.
They come to the park for hand outs.

Last year the young lions were a lot smaller and cuter.

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