Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Lunch

Thanksgiving is over and I probably gained a few pounds. Now come the Christmas lunches and get togethers with more food.
Today we met with the Convair Travelers, at the Seven Seas Restaurant, on the hotel circle in San Diego. The Convair Travelers are one of the local camping clubs we belong to. I used to work for Convair.
Doreen and I had a very tasty meal of salmon, rice and vegetables. The dessert was a delicious cheese cake. The other choice was prime rib.
Traveling down to San Diego was a mess today. We had our first big rain since April. It rained all day and the going was slow.
It was worth it though. We had a good time.

I would have liked to stay with the WINs in the desert, but we have a lot of Christmas parties to go to, and some doctor appointments are coming.
I had not seen my doctor for a long time and when he saw me last week he has me taking a lot of tests.

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