Friday, December 18, 2009

Convair Engineering Liaison Christmas Party

We went to Old Town in San Diego. First we had a nice late lunch at Berta’s Latin American Restaurant.
The food is different than Mexican food. I think Berta comes from Peru. We love her meals.

After the lunch we felt strong and did some walking. Old Town is a State Park. The person who had the concession for running the stores lost her lease, and the new operators, a large Eastern outfit, ran the place down.
They finally gave up and a new local company took over. It is fun again to go to Old Town. The stores are stocked with different wares, and the restaurants are more like old Mexican restaurants.
The whole atmosphere is again Old California, when this part of the country was part of Mexico.

At 3:30 PM we went to the Rocking Baja Lobster restaurant ( The old Carlos Murphy) where the Convair
Engineering Liaison Group had their Christmas party.
It is always fun to see those old guys.

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