Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Outing 2010

We are at Guajome County Park for our annual Saint Patrick outing with the Convair Camping Club.
The park is located at the east end of Oceanside, California.
Dottie, Chappy, Doreen and I are the wagonmasters.
Eleven families signed up. I pre cooked 16 pounds of corned beef for tomorrow’s dinner.
Last week I was worried about the weather. I called the county for getting the gazebo for the meals. Since we did not make the reservation as a group, they wanted $ 40.00 for four hours. I had worried for nothing, we have fantastic weather. The temperatures are in the upper 70s during the day, and we have blue skies.
Today we had heavy hors d’oeuvres. Everybody brought some food. It actually ended up as a regular dinner.
There were chicken legs, stuffed potatoes, deviled eggs, shrimp with tartar sauce, salads, and ice cream and other desserts. Nobody walked away hungry.
After dinner we sat around the camp fire, which Jon kept going.

Last night, Jon had put a lot of wood in the washing machine drum and he melted the top aluminum plate. He and Howard spent some time today adding steel angles to support the chimney, which had slowly moved sideways. .

This was the day for corned beef and cabbage. Denise brought the potatoes, onions and carrots to our motorhome.
Doreen and Dottie helped her peeling them.
I started cooking the potatoes, onion and carrots at 4:30 PM. They were done at 5:30 PM and I used the same pot for cooking the cabbage. The meat was already warming up in a broiler. The vegetables we put in the second broiler. By 6;00 PM dinner was ready.
There was again plenty of food and desserts.

There was also a birthday cake for the people who had their birthday in March.

In the evening we enjoyed again the campfire.

In the morning Dottie, Chappy, Doreen and I went to Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base to get our annual passes for Red Beach.
In the afternoon Doreen and some of the women went shopping. I took it easy.
For dinner we had corned beef sandwiches, different salads and desserts.
After dinner Jon prepared the campfire for takeoff. Red flames came out of the chimney. He is going to melt the rest of the aluminum plate.

We had another wonderful campfire.
We were lucky with the weather. We have summer weather now, during the day the temperatures are in the low 80ties.

We went home to check our mail and prepare for tomorrow’s trip to the Bluegrass Festival, in Temecula. .

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