Monday, March 22, 2010

Temecula Bluegrass Festival 2010

We left at 11:45 AM for Temecula, California. There we have our Bluegrass Festival outing with the Shanty Shakers, the Southern California chapter of the Escapees.
Chappy and Dottie are here too.
At 5:00 PM we had Happy Hour. There are 14 rigs in attendance. We are parked on an empty lot of the former Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurant. The restaurant building is still there, but not being used.

Early in the morning I walked to Temecula Old Town. I wanted to check how far the theater is from where we are parked. I am used to walking so it was no problem.
I also checked the schedule of the free trolley.
Later, the four of us took the trolley to the farmers market, and from there it was a short walk.
We stopped at the outdoor stage and listened to Sligo Rags, an Irish band. They are always good.

It was warm though, sitting in the sun. After this band we went to Rosa’s Mexican Restaurant for lunch.
Dottie and Chappy walked to the theater after we ate and Doreen and I went back to the motorhome, where we met Frank and Rhonda, Muzzy. They are in the process of buying a motorhome. So we had a lot to talk about.

We skipped Happy Hour, did shower, and just took it easy the rest of the day.

Early in the morning I walked again to Old Town. I took some pictures since there were not many cars on the street.

At 10:00 AM we went to the theater to listen to the “Lonesome Otis” band.

At 11:00 AM the “Alan Munde Gazette” band started performing.

At 12:00 noon we went to “The Bank”, a Mexican restaurant. It used to be a bank, and the vault is still there.
After lunch we walked along Front Street where some bands were playing on street corners. We stayed a while where the “Older than Dirt” band was playing.

Then we watched an artist hammering metal art.

At 1:00 PM we went back to the theater and enjoyed the “Bluegrass ETC.” band. They are very popular and the theater was filled with fans.

At 2:00 PM the “Highway 76” band had their turn. They were very good too.

The next band was Sligo Rags. Since we saw them yesterday, we went back on the street. We all had an ice cream and listened to a street corner band.
The rest of the afternoon we spent outside the motorhome. About an hour with the group, and some time with Dottie and Chappy.
At 7:00 PM Dottie and Chappy came to our motorhome to watch “60 Minutes”
This was another wonderful day. It was a little cooler than yesterday and perfect for walking on the street.
The Shanty Shakers are a nice group and we really enjoyed this outing.
The couple behind us, live in the little Casita trailer full time. They are now one year on the road. When Doreen found out that they live in that tiny trailer, she asked them whether they are still friends. They told her that they are married for 42 years and it is getting better. They looked very happy. Their house is rented out and they want to spend a lot of time outdoors while they travel.

We are home again. The flowers in the desert, near Borrego Springs, are in full bloom. I hope we can go by the end of the week.

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