Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Convair Tooling Group Christmas Luncheon 2010

Today we had our annual after Christmas get together.
There were not only tool designers and tool builders. Some of us Manufacturing Engineers, who worked with the group, like to attend too.
Getting to Santee was not easy today. The last few weeks we are getting a lot of rain and today it really came down. We took it easy and kept a good distance from the car in front of us. The windshield wipers are finding out what they are there for.
It was fun to see some of the old guys.
I picked up a bowl of soup and while sitting down the soup ended up in my lap. This was not a good feeling.
That was the first time it happened to me, and I hope it never will again.
Old men probably should have a spare pair of pants in the trunk of the car.

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