Monday, January 17, 2011

Agua Caliente County Park 2011

We are on our way to Agua Caliente County Park for a three day outing with the Convair Camping Club. The warm water in the pool will be good for my back.
From there we will be heading to Quartzsite, Arizona.
The drive across the mountains was uneventful. We were going in the right direction. Oncoming traffic was heavy sometimes. People were heading home from the long weekend in the desert. Today was Martin Luther King Jr. day.
We arrived at the park at noon. The temperature was 85 degrees F.
It is shorts and T shirt weather.
At 4:30 PM we got together for heavy hors d’ oeuvres. The temperature in the evening was very pleasant. We had a good camp fire going.

I really enjoyed this glorious desert morning. The sun peaked across the mountains in the east, giving the mountains in the North and West a golden glow.
Sunsets and sunrises are spectacular in the desert.

A group of young people are working in the park. They come from all over the US.
One young man comes from New Jersey. He asked why the stars were flickering. He never saw this back home. The dry desert air facilitates a better view of the stars.
Today was an easy day. I did a lot of sitting around talking to people. Some of the group went for a hike. In the afternoon I went to the indoor pool and my sore back enjoyed the hot water.
We are co hosts for this outing. I had signed up for making turkey soup. At 5:00 PM we had dinner. Jackie’s big pot of pea soup and my big pot of Turkey soup were empty very fast.
The food table was loaded with shrimp, chips and salsa, salads and other food items. Nobody went away hungry.
The evening was again unusually warm. Almost everybody came to the camp fire.

Chappy and I went to Borrego Springs to visit Ron Carlson. We had a good time together.
From there we drove to Peg Leg Smith Monument. Most of the regular Snow Birds are there.
After lunch at a Mexican Restaurant we stopped at the library and I did my E mail.
Back at the park I went again to the pool.
For dinner we had Chili. Everybody brought a can of chili and we put them in one pot.
The camp fire was again enjoyed by all. This was a wonderful outing. The weather was perfect.

This was a driving day. Chappy and Dottie in their motorhome, and Doreen and I in ours took off for Quartzsite.
We stopped in Brawley at Walmart's parking lot for lunch and the women went in the store for some shopping.
We arrived at the WIN gathering place just in time for the 5:00 PM meeting.
The temperature is back to normal now. A sweatshirt feels just fine.

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Barbara and Ron said...

That is a gorgeous sunrise/sunset picture. See you when you get here.