Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sweetwater Regional Park 2012

Our February outing, with the Convair Camping Club, at the Sweetwater Regional Park had a bad beginning.
When we arrived at the park the sky turned black and soon it started to rain. Happy Hour was at 4:30 PM. Everybody brought their food contribution to the hosts motorhome. We filled our plates and most of us took the food to our motorhome and ate it there. Later, George, the host, brought us dessert.
We do not have a meeting room here. The plan was to have all the meals outside.
We need rain very badly, but it should rain when we are at home.

For Valentine’s Day the weather improved a lot. It had rained most of the night but in the morning the sun came out. The group went for a walk.

We met the host for the Shanty Shaker outing. They start their three day camping trip today.
This does not happen very often that both of our local camping clubs have their outing at the same time.
After lunch we visited Doreen’s friends. From there we drove to Phil Balesteri’s house. He worked with me at Convair and Doreen knows his wife from an English club.

At 3:00 PM we had our club meeting and Happy Hour. At 4:30 PM we had dinner. The hosts had prepared bratwurst and everybody brought some other food items.
We had a wonderful meal. Four couples had come for a visit.
As long as the sun was out it was pleasant. When the sun disappeared it cooled off.

This was a day for resting. Because of the bad weather we could not do much.
Early morning I walked over to the area where the Shanty Shakers are staying. A small group was standing around a camp fire. I joined them for a while.
They are in the old area of the park. We are in the new area. They trees are still small in the new area but the camp sites are spaced a good distance apart, which is wonderful.

It rained on and off. The wind also picked up.
At 3:30 PM we had Happy Hour in George and Elaine’s motorhome. We were crowded but had fun anyway.
Two couples had gone home, and nobody came today for a visit. So we were only eleven people.
At 4:00 PM we had dinner. Everybody brought their dishes to the host’s motorhome. We loaded our plates and ate at our motorhome. Rhonda and Frank joined us. Some people ate at Jon and Linda’s motorhome.
Elaine and George did a good job under those bad weather conditions. They have to clean the motorhome carpet when they get home.

Today we had to leave for home. When I got up this morning the sun greeted me. The rain storm had moved on. The Shanty Shakers will have a wonderful day today.
I went for another walk this morning. This is a beautiful area, with the green hills and the valley.
The lake adds to the beauty.

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