Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gene's Celebration of Life

Today we went to another Celebration of Life event. A few days ago Gene, a former neighbor and friend, died.

After the service we were invited for lunch at my old house. Actually only a small part of my old house is still there. The new owner is a contractor and tore most of the house down and increased the size. The inside of the house is beautiful.

Doreen and I had planned to have lunch at a restaurant after the service. We did not know that Grant and Janet, Gene and Dixie's neighbors, served lunch. The food was delicious and plenty of it.

The older I get the more of my friends leaving this planet. Some of my friends are older than I and their health is not so good anymore. Gundel died this year and she was about my age.

We are not traveling this month. Our neighbors are on vacation and Doreen takes care of their two cats. Our neighbors take care of our mail and the house when we travel.

I finally have my 2009 income tax problem behind me. It took over a year and a lot of letters back and forth until I got it right. I had changed my IRA to a Roth IRA in January 2009 and thought that I did not have to pay taxes on the money I had paid taxes on already. I received a letter last January from the IRS that I owe them $6,500 more. Since I thought I was right I wrote a letter to them but did not include a check. The next letter informed me that I owe $ 8,500 now, for penalty and interest.

The next day I sent them a check. Now I tried to explain why I thought I was right. I went to the San Diego IRS office. They could not help me. The telephone number I was given on every letter did not work. Letters went back and forth but I did not get any closer. I went to income tax people but they did not want to help me either.
I finally started from scratch and did an amended income tax return for 2009. I learned a lot doing this. I converted my IRA because the stock market had hit a low and I would have to pay lower taxes since my account had shrunk. I started to pay quarterly estimated taxes right away to avoid interest charges. I estimated that I had to pay about $ 25,000 on the tax deferred amount and I was almost correct. The form I forgot to file wanted to know how much the IRA had grown by the end of 2009. It had grown quite a bit.
When I was finished I owed about $ 2,500.
When the IRS received my amended 2009 income tax forms they sent me a check of about $ 4,500. I could have avoided a lot of worries and headaches if I had done my taxes correctly in the first place. I think I will never have a complex income tax like that again.

Now I wish I could fix my blog. Since I had to change to Google Chrome the layout of my blog changed and I can not get it back to the original layout. I was able to put two pictures side by side before.

I am also happy because I finished my autobiography on the blog and had a book printed. It is actually the second book. After I read my first book I remembered more. The same thing happened now after I read the second book. Now I will wait a few years and write down new things when I remember them. Sometimes I wake up in the night and remember what happened many years ago. I then go to the office and make a note of it. The notes are getting bigger.

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