Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

We left the house at 10:00 AM, and after a stop at a gas station to fill up the motorhome gasoline tank, arrived at the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base at 11:00 AM. After getting in line, at the Boy Scout Camp, I walked around and checked who was there. Arlene and Howard had arrived ten minutes later. Linda and Jon came right after them. There were seven lines and in each line about ten rigs.

At noon a man came to the motorhome and told us that somebody is serving hot dogs and hamburgers, and everybody is invited. We went and Chris who cooked the meat also had a very tasty potato salad and all the trimmings. It was a wonderful surprise.

At 3:15 PM The Game Warden came and told us to get ready. He let us go to Red Beach one hour early. Now started the excitement. Some of the people who came early did move as planned but then it got all mixed up. I was in a good spot and got on the street in a hurry. I wish they had given us numbers when we arrived. At Red Beach it took us a while to level the motorhome in the soft sand. Without wood under the jacks they just could not lift the rig.

We joined the group for Happy Hour and the camp fire. Doreen was happy to pet one of the little dogs. The weather had improved. When we left home in the morning it rained a bit. Now the sun came through the clouds.

There are still dark clouds over the ocean. On my morning walk I went up to the Afghan Village. The Marines built a village on the hill for training purposes.

In the morning Doreen and I walked again on the beach. A lot of people are fishing but catching only a few fish.

Children were flying their kites.

In the afternoon the group was playing the washer game. I wanted to take a shower. The water heater would not light up. I removed the main burner assembly and cleaned it out and adjusted the spark gap between the electrode and the ground. Fifteen minutes later I had warm water.

This was a wonderful, relaxing outing. We were three couples from the Convair Camping Club and two couples who are friends of Arlene and Howard.

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