Saturday, August 4, 2012

Garnet Tank Monitoring System

I finally finished the installation of the Garnet Tank monitoring system.
I am almost finished; I still have to coat the senders for the gray and black water tank with rubberized undercoat to protect them. The fresh water tank sender is inside and does not have to be covered.
The fresh water sender was easy to install. I used the regular 12 inch sender. The tank is 13 inch high, which took care of the thick top and bottom of the tank.
The other two senders I had to replace because I used the wrong rubberized undercoat. Only the product from 3M should be used. The one I used ate through the protective cover of the senders and shortened them out.
This time Garnet sent me 6 inch long senders. I had to cut off two inches. The 12 inch senders can be cut to 4.5 inches, which worked fine.
Because the bottom of the tank has a big radius the sender has to be raised above the radius.
There was easy access to the wall of the black water tank, but I had a difficult time with the gray water tank. I could use only one hand because there was no room.
To make sure I located the senders correctly, I held them in place with duck tape and filled the tanks half full. I had to move the sender a little bit until it showed 50%. I marked the location and then took off the paper backing and put the sender in place. One has only one chance.
The connection for the Propane tank was easy. The tank has to be full and the monitor shows 103%.
The connection for the battery was easy too.
All three senders use only one wire and the ground. Only one wire goes to the monitor. The monitor knows which tank to check when pressing the button on the monitor.
A little tap has to be removed on each sender to identify it.
I hope this stops the guessing when we are dry camping. The old monitor always shows full for the black water tank. And sometimes the gray water tank shows the same.

Gray water tank sender. The monitor says grey, because it comes from Canada.

Black water tank sender.

Fresh water tank sender.

Monitor. The fresh water tank is 34% full.

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