Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Eureka Trip July 2012 (2)

It took us one hour to get from San Jose to Santa Cruz. Getting on highway 17 was not easy. There was a lot of traffic.
The Santa Cruz Elks Lodge is on a hill above the city. After lunch we went to the Boardwalk.
When we got there the train was leaving the Boardwalk station.

The last time we were here it was winter and the entertainment section was closed.
Today, there was a lot going on. A Chinese troupe was performing on the beach.

People stood in line to get on the Giant Dipper and other wild and crazy rides.
We had not planned to come down the coast. Our plan was to come through Napa Valley, but the weather changed and it would have been too hot there.

They have a beautiful big beach in Santa Cruz.

The view from the hill above the Boardwalk is terrific.

We moved about twenty miles south, to the Elks Lodge in Watsonville. The lodge is located in down town. On the lodge’s property are large oaks. They have water and electricity at the sites and a dump station.
Today we did not need shade. The temperature is just right.

After setting up the motorhome we went to The Basilica of Mission San Carlos Borromeo Del Rio Carmelo, commonly known as Carmel Mission.

The Indians had simple graves.

At the Munras Memorial Museum are rooms with furniture and other artifacts from the founders of Monterey.

We ate our lunch at a little beach park in Carmel.

We are back at the San Luis Obispo Elks Lodge.
We had Fish and Chips in Morro Bay at lunch time. Then we walked along the Embarcadero.
I bought a T shirt and Doreen did a lot of looking.

When we came back to the lodge I went swimming in the pool.

Today we arrived at the Elks Lodge in Simi Valley.
It is very hot here.
After lunch we visited Gabi who lives in Chatsworth. She is in the process of moving to our neighborhood.
At 4:00 PM we saw Doreen’s niece and her family in Moorpark. Diane’s grandson was there too.

We left Simi Valley at 5:00 AM and were home at 8:00 AM. We cruised through Los Angeles without a problem.
Now I have to see my doctor about my knee and my dentist about the tooth ache I have when I have cold or hot food in my mouth.
I also have to work on the Garnett SeeLevel Tank Monitoring System I installed before we left on this little vacation.
The senders are installed on the outside of the tanks and work in percentage, not 1/3, 2/3 and full.
I can see how much water I have in the fresh water tank and could check the accuracy of the new system.
The grey water tank I filled half full with a bucket and it was also accurate.
Unfortunately I did not use the rubberized undercoat from 3M and ruined the grey and black water senders. The fresh water sender is inside the motorhome.
The undercoat is used to protect the senders from stones and dirt.
The undercoat I used shortened out the units.

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