Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Convair Camping Club Picnic 2012

Today we had our annual July picnic. Instead of having it at Mission Bay Park in San Diego, Ann Rytting had it at her house.
Linda and Darwin Saylor shared the host duties with Ann.
Darwin was cooking the chicken kabobs and the vegetable kabobs.
The theme of the picnic was Greece.

We were 30 people and at the beginning there were small groups.

The food was colorful and it was delicious. The hosts did a good job. We all brought some side dishes and dessert. Doreen and I brought baklava, a Greek sweet cake.

If anybody went away hungry it was their own fault.

Some people found their private spots.

Since Ann's house is located near El Cajon, we thought it would be hot. But the temperature was perfect. Gary Price and I went in the swimming pool. The pool temperature was 93 degrees F.,a little bit warm for swimming, but perfect for hanging around.
This was a wonderful get together.

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