Monday, July 2, 2012

Jean, June 2012

July is here and Red Beach in Camp Pendleton is open this 4th of July week.
Unfortunately we cannot go camping there right now.
My friend Jean died Sunday a week ago and Doreen and I are busy emptying her apartment.
Jean’s son Dennis was here and took care of the paper work.
Today I was able to have the furniture picked up. I am still waiting for the hospital bed and other medical
Items to be picked up by the medical supply company.
They were at Brookdale Place several days ago but nobody gave them the key for the apartment.
Now I hope they will come tomorrow.
The last year I was very busy with Jean. She was twice in the hospital and recovery facilities.
I am glad she died peacefully in her sleep. I knew her for thirty years and will miss her.
She was 89 years old.

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Barbara and Ron said...

So sorry to hear you lost a friend. No matter how much you might prepare for such a thing, you are never really ready.