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Julian and Sedona, Arizona 2012

September is gone. It was one of the worst months in my life.
A group of my fellow campers had Happy Hour every day at 4:00 PM. The last few days I felt better and joined them.
I left the Oceanside Elks Lodge this morning at 8:30 AM.

I arrived at the K Mart in Ramona before 10:00 AM.
I was early, as always, and went in the store and looked around. Chappy came at 11:00 AM, on time.
He did not see my motorhome and parked in the shade at the other side of the parking lot. I called him on my cell phone and he came over.
Chappy took me out for lunch at a family restaurant. With my situation I will not see my friends that much anymore. I hope Chappy and Dottie will come to Death Valley in November.
Today it is supposed to be the hottest day of the year and it felt like it in Ramona.
My next stop was the KQ Ranch RV Resort in Julian. Doreen and I visited this place in January. We had to listen to a sales pitch, but got three days free camping. I also won a small computer, which I am bringing back because it did not work. I also won $ 200.00 worth of Shell gasoline, and four times four days of free camping. I am taking the first four days now.
After setting up the motorhome I went to the swimming pool.
The resort is at an altitude of about 5,000 feet and it is not as warm as it was down in Ramona. They tell me it will get hotter tomorrow.
The temperature in the evening was very pleasant.
Unfortunately I get no TV and no cell phone signal up here. They have WIFI at the clubhouse.

After my morning walk I drove to Julian. On the way I stopped at the overlook and looked down to the desert and Banner.

In Julian I visited the Pioneer Cemetery. It is on a steep hill.

Julian is famous for its apples and apple pie.

From the cemetery one can see almost the whole town.

There are no fall colors in Julian because they have only fir trees and live oak trees, and live oak trees have green leaves all year.
I went through a few shops to cool off. By 10:30 AM it was too hot to enjoy the town. I went back to the motorhome and turned on the air conditioner.
I have recently installed a Seelevel II Tank Monitoring System. The senders are on the outside of the holding tanks.
The system worked right away with the fresh water and grey water tank. On the black water tank I started out with 2% and then went to 96% and down to 12 %. The system measures in per cent, which is a lot better than the lights.
I called Garnett Instruments and they told me to fill the black water tank half full with water and add Thetford Tissue Digester. Evidently the toilet tissues stick to the side of the tank and built up and give a false reading.
I did exactly what I was told and bought the product made by Thetford.
Last time I ruined two senders by using the rubberized undercoat from a different manufacurer than they suggested. Garnett was nice enough to sent me two new senders without charging me $ 150.00.
I filled the black water tank in Oceanside and added the tissue digester. I figured going up the mountain will shake the water inside the tank and do a better job.
This morning I added more water and then emptied the tank. To check whether it worked I filled the tank again with water. It worked perfectly.
Garnett told me if it did not work they would send me another sender. I do not need it.
Early afternoon I went to the pool and did some laps.

On my morning walk I passed the pond.

Then I went up the hill. People who have their motorhomes up there have a fantastic view.
The clubhouse and some of the cottages are below.

The horses enjoyed the grass.

In the afternoon I went again swimming. There was only one other person using the swimming pool.

I tried to make some phone calls with the Magic Jack. It worked perfectly at the Oceanside Elks, but here I can hear the people I call; they can not hear me though.
I had to drive to Julian where I could use my cell phone.
On the way home I stopped at the Pinecrest RV Park and talked to the manager. Since Convair sold the park, two different people owned it. A few former Convair employees still have their trailers or motorhomes there.
One can still see the damage the big fire did. Small trees are growing on the hills now.
I remember when Hanna and I camped here and used that big swimming pool. In the winter we went cross country skiing.
Not many companies had recreational facilities like Convair.
In the evening I went to the clubhouse and watched the debate between President Obama and Governor Romny.
I like the site for my motorhome. It is spacious and there is no noise.

It cooled off in the night. When I got up it was 56 degrees F. in the motorhome. Everybody was waiting for this.
I had to wear big boy pants for my early morning walk. After lunch I went one more time to Julian. It was a perfect fall day. There were a lot of cars and two big buses with tourists. They all come up for Julian Apple Days.

When I came back I had my last swim at the KQ Ranch. I am getting ready to hit the road tomorrow morning.
In January Doreen and I came to the RV Park to check it out. What actually encouraged me that I had won a 7 inch screen computer, $ 200.00 worth of Shell gasoline and four weeks of free camping.
They send out cards with four places to scratch. I had hit the jack pot.
Of course the computer did not work.
Yesterday I brought it back to the sales office, and when the lady saw the box, she said:”Oh it doesn’t work”, and went and got another computer. This is a different make and I hope it will work.

I left the KQ Ranch RV Resort at 5:30 AM. This way I could take my time going down Banner Grade. It is also cooler in the morning, and driving in the desert in the afternoon is no fun. I use the dash air conditioner only if it is absolutely necessary.
At the Imperial Sand Dunes, near Glamis, I stopped and changed to lighter clothing.
I can imagine that the Sahara looks almost the same.

When I arrived in Quartzsite, at 10:00 AM, it was hot already. The KOFA Mountain RV Park belongs to Passport America and I got a site for half price.
After a short rest I went into town. What a difference between now and January. At the Gambler was plenty of parking, I was the only customer. There is no traffic in town.
There was nobody at the Grubstake Restaurant, and no motorhomes at the Pit Stop.
The temperatures are getting lower now every day and next month the first Snow Birds will arrive in Quartzsite.

I the afternoon I went to the library and read the newspapers. The computer I can use at the motorhome since the RV Park has WIFI. In January I have to use the library for my E mail.
After the library I treated myself with a Whooper from Burger King. The last few months I wanted to do that.
Tomorrow I will drive 250 miles. My right knee hurt some today and it might hurt more tomorrow.

It stayed warm last night in Quartzsite. The air conditioner ran until 2:00 AM. By then it had cooled off.
I left early again to avoid driving in the heat. When I came to the higher elevation near Prescott I wished I had worn my jeans. It was a lot cooler there.
The drive on highway 60,71 and 89A was very scenic but I would not do it again. There were a lot of 20 miles per hour curves.
The motorhome performed very well on the incline after Congress. I was lucky that there was no traffic.
A few years ago Doreen and I were sitting outside an ice cream parlor in Jerome watching a big motorhome coming down the hill. The street is very narrow, on one side are houses and on the other side is a rail, next to the rail is a few hundred feet drop.
I thought driving a motorhome on that road was not very smart. I did it this time.
When I arrived at the Elks Lodge in Sedona I got the last site. In the past we always were alone.
I like the location of the lodge. For $ 20.00 one has a million dollar view.

After lunch and a nap I drove up Oak Creek Canyon.

The parking area is still the place where Indian women sell jewelry,

I liked the flowers there.

On the way back I stopped at another outlook above the creek.

This morning I did one of my best morning walks. The Elks Lodge is located near highway 89A, which is the main street in Sedona.
I walked along the street when I saw a sign leading to a park. The park is the Posse Grounds Park.

I took the Sunrise Trail, which goes through a Pinon-Juniper Forest. Because of the dry condition in this area the trees are not very large.

When I came to the High School I wanted to take a picture of the red mountains without any buildings in it. Two gentlemen, with their dogs, came along and they told me that there was another trail behind the swimming pool and the view would be magnificent. They were correct.

This is a perfect spot for having a picnic.

In the afternoon I went to the main shopping area.
They have a lot of public art there.
That painter was bigger than life size.

Some art is modern.

That horse was beautiful. Many people had their picture taken in front of it.

Those dancers were turning and I had a difficult time getting a good picture.

This is my last night in Sedona and this is my last picture taken through the wind shield of the motorhome.

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