Monday, July 27, 2015

Portland - Oregon - July 2015

I got up at 6:00 AM and Doris surprised me and got up too. We left Grants Pass at 7:30 AM and arrived at the Clackemette RV Park in Oregon City, near Portland, at 12:30 PM.
It started to rain when we came through Eugene and lasted the rest of the afternoon.
Gayle, Doris’s daughter had signed us in since it is first come, first served and no reservations are accepted. It is a County Park.
Doris called Gayle when we were almost at the park and she helped us find our site. There was also a welcoming committee, which made a lot of noise.

Gayle, her daughter and we went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch.
In the evening the three of us went to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner. Doris’s two other grandchildren, the children of Linda, her other daughter, joint us. The two older grandchildren were not there.

We had breakfast at Gayle’s house. The whole family, plus friends were there.
There were Gayle’s two children and her ex husband, and Linda and her husband and their three children, and the boy friend of Linda’s daughter, and his friend. It was a house full.

After breakfast Doris played cards with one of her granddaughters.

From Gayle’s house we went to the Pittock Mansion which is located in the hills above Portland. Pittock came to Portland in 1853 when he was sixteen years old and it was only a small town.
He worked as a type setter at a weekly newspaper and after saving some money bought the paper and started a daily newspaper.

The family moved into the mansion in 1914. It is surrounded by a 64 acre park, with a gate keeper’s house and a three car garage. Pittock had electricity installed, a central vacuum system, intercoms, an elevator, and indirect lighting.

From the mansion one has a fantastic view over the city.

We stayed almost three hours on the property. I had to drag Doris away because we had dinner at Linda’s house. Part of the family was there.

After dinner the women played cards.

At 9:30 PM Doris and I rushed back to the motorhome. We are staying in a county park and they close the gate at 10:00 PM.


In the morning one of Doris’s granddaughter picked her up and they went for pedicures and then went shopping.
I walked to McDonalds and did my E mail. Then I walked in the park. The geese have made a mess in the grass area. Children cannot play in the grass. The Canadian geese stay here. I think they are sick of migrating every year. There are hundreds of them in the park.

In the evening we went with Linda and her youngest son and Gayle to a waterfront restaurant. 

Gayle had to leave early to pick up her new car. She actually picked up a new car a few weeks ago. The dealers accounting office noted that she had the wrong car. The VIN number does not match. She drove the car two thousand miles before they noticed it. Now she has a new car with 33 miles on the odometer.


We left Oregon City at 8:45 AM and arrived in Grants Pass at 1:45 PM. We left the motorhome at Henderson’s Line Up and drove to the library. It is hot in Grants Pass. At 5:00 PM when the shop closed we moved the motorhome to the work bays and plugged in the electric cord. We need the electricity to run the air conditioner. In the mean time we enjoyed the cool library and worked on our computers. 


We woke up at the same time the mechanics and technician started making noise. At 8:00 AM one of the technician and Doris and I went for a test run in the motorhome.
When we came back he put the motorhome in one of the bays and they weight it and checked the brakes and the steering mechanism.
My motorhome runs good and I did not expect any problems. I had talked to the person who stayed the night in his motorhome because the wheels were off. The mechanic was still working on replacing the brakes.
Henderson had suggested $ 8,000 worth of improvements. He had only the important work done.
When my paperwork was done it was also about $ 8,000.
I had them adjust the parking brake and told them that I will think about the improvements.
We left Grants Pass at 10:00 AM and stopped for lunch at the Chart Room Restaurant in Crescent City.
Since it is a very popular restaurant we had to wait a while.

We arrived at the front of the house at 4:00 PM. Mr. Big greeted us. Our guests are all gone. The Golden Rule is on its way to San Diego.
This was a wonderful little vacation.

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