Saturday, August 8, 2015

Bandon, Oregon - August 2015

The Golden Rule made it safely to San Diego.
We worked around the house and walked the down streets at Arts Alive. The event is on every first Saturday of the month.
Nicole, Doris’s daughter in law, worked at her part time job. She modeled clothing for men to enjoy. She is a beautiful woman.

Bands were playing at several street corners.

The galleries are open late at Arts Alive. Some artists paint outside of their studios.

Several people dressed up in funny costumes.

One evening Doris screamed from her office. I ran to her and she pointed up warts. I thought it was a spider. It was bigger than a spider. A big raccoon had climbed on the roof of the sunroom and was looking down at Doris. When I got my camera it had moved to the roof of the garage and looked at me.

Thursday I took Nicolette and Jacob to Freshwater, to Freshwater Park. They went swimming. The sun was not shining and I decided not to get wet.

On the way home we stopped at the Banana Hut, a Hawaiian BBQ restaurant.

Now we are getting ready for our trip to Bandon. We will have another big family reunion.
This week we went dancing two nights to make up for the times we are gone.


Traffic on highway 101 was very light and we made it to Bandon in four hours and fifteen minutes. Some stretches near the coast were foggy.
We did not see the sun all day.
Doris and I were the first from our clan to arrive. The Humphries were there already.
We set up the motorhome and tried to set up the tent for Lana and Lucca. I had asked Doris whether the tent was used before. It was. I was worried whether all the parts were in the box.
When we opened the box there were only the metal parts and no tent. Evidently the tent did not fit in the box anymore and was put in a bag or another box. Doris wanted to go into town and buy a tent. I asked the camp host for a store and was told the nearest big store would be in Coose Bay. Doris called Gayle and since Gayle would come alone she has room in her big tent.
 Gayle arrived a bit later and Linda and her son an hour later. Lana and Lucca had flown from New York to Portland, and they came with Linda.
Clay and Catherine are staying in town in a motel and they came by when the cooking started. Gayle had brought her big BBQ and was cooking three big pieces of meat to make carne asada. She had also brought a rice dish and I put that in the oven in the motorhome.
The Humphries are the parents and three of their sons. Two of them are here.The sons are the same ages as Doris’s three daughters and her son. They were neighbors in Bayside, a town a few miles from Eureka. Some of Dories's children had not seen the Humphries since they all moved away from Eureka.
While the adults were talking

Or cooking

Lucca and Jayce were doing their thing.

We ate in the club house. Some people sat inside and some outside.


We had a big breakfast. Gayle made French Toast and bacon. Doris’s homemade strawberry and apricot marmalade were a big hit.
After breakfast we went to the crabbing pier in Bandon and watched Theresa, George, and Richard Humphrey crabbing. They had caught already a big icebox full of crabs.
Lucca and Jayce were helping and were very excited in the process.

 Their mothers made them wear life jackets which are available at a station. 

Crabs have to be a certain size. When they are too small they go back in the water.

Here is Doris and her three daughters. Clay was not at the pier.

People were enjoying lunch at the fish restaurant.

From the pier we went to the Cranberry Sweets Shop and sampled all the products. The women bought some of the chocolates and candies.
For dinner we had steaks, baked potatoes and salad, and some of the Humphries crabs.  
After dinner Doris made root beer floats.


We had another big breakfast. Gayle cooked eggs in a bag. Everybody picked their ingredients and put them in a plastic bag. She cooked them in a big pot.
There were also pan cakes and other items.

Here is the Humphrey clan.

And here is Doris’s family.

Clay and his sisters.

After breakfast we went again to the crabbing pier and watched the two boys helping Theresa and George fishing for crabs. Jayce is ready to throw back an undersize crab.

Then we walked to Old Town and the women did some shopping at the Bandon Mercantile Company.

From there we walked to the Cheese Factory and had ice cream.

In the afternoon we drove to the Face Rock parking lot and walked on the beach.

We saw two large star fish in the water.

Lucca and Jayce enjoyed the water.

Jayce wanted to be covered with sand.

Lucca was next.

There were riders on the beach.

On this outing we saw very little sun. The temperature is perfect though.
Doris, her three daughters and two grandsons went to a fish restaurant for dinner, I stayed behind because I ate a lot today.
When they came back I had a camp fire going. Clay and Catherene joined us. We did not sit very long when we saw lightening and then heard thunder. Shortly after that it started to rain and we had to take cover.
Today, while Doris was taking a shower, Gayle knocked at the motorhome door. She saw water coming out from under the motorhome. I removed a small panel from the wall of the bedroom and noticed foamy water under the shower. It appears that the trap is loose or there is a crack in the piping. I have to wait until we get home. From the small opening I cannot reach the trap, I have to remove a larger panel in the entrance of the shower. It looks like this panel is glued in. There are no screws.
I also have to replace a ceiling vent cover, it is all cracked up.


We were ready to leave Bandon at 10:00 AM. Then I noticed a lot of people around Linda’s tent trailer. The beds were pushed in already.

Clay was turning the handle to bring the top down. George and Linda were under the trailer. The handle turned but nothing moved. They took the gear box apart and finally were able to get the trailer ready for traveling.
We all left at 11:00 AM. Linda and Jayce and her passengers Lana and Lucca do not go back to Portland, they will be staying with us in Eureka for two days.
We arrived at the house in Eureka at 3:20 AM and Linda an hour later. They had stopped at the beach in Gold Beach.
When they arrived I had three women helping me with moving the motorhome on the pad in the backyard.
We went for dinner to an Italian restaurant in Old Town. Then the three women and the two boys had ice cream at the chocolate shop in Old Town. I had too much Lasagna and skipped the ice cream.
When we got back to the house, Rick, Linda’s husband , was waiting for us. He came down from Portland.
Lana had reserved a rental car and planned to drive in two days to San Francisco and fly from there home to New York. Because of the large fires the cars went to the fire fighters.   

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