Sunday, August 23, 2015

One year has past.

One year ago, on August 22, Doris and I had our first date. Today we went back to Liu’s Chinese restaurant and had dinner. We even sat on the same table.
It was an interesting year. The weather in Eureka was unusual good. It did not rain much.
Yesterday we went to the Humboldt County Fair. They have an exhibit about the Tsunami which hit Japan very hard. On display is a boat which came across the ocean with the currants.

We watched riders do tricks on horses.

We also visited the buildings where art, photos, wood work and vegetables were on display. They all had ribbons and had won prices.
Then we had lunch and after lunch we went to the horse races. A man in a red coat blew his bugle before every race.

The first race was actually a mule race.

There were six races and I lost two dollars. I had bet only on one race. Doris lost fifteen dollars.
It was a perfect day for a fair. The temperature was just right.

Since we were in Victorian Ferndale we went into town and walked around for a while.


Today we had a typical North coast day. When I did my morning walk is was misty. While at the boardwalk I saw the Madeline coming back from a fishing trip.

There were no cars in front of the stores.

And no children were playing on the gazebo.

The coffee shop had customers though.

The Carson Block is being renovated. It was built by the Carson Lumber Baron, who also built the large mansion.

I like to walk in Old Town.

This is my favorite mural.

The Eureka Inn is a historic land mark.

The old library is now the Morris Grave Museum.

Next to it is the Eureka Theater.

I walked past Claudia’s and Scott’s old house.

Not very far from it is the Annie B. Ryan House which is being renovated by the Eureka Historical Society. Doris is the treasurer and writes a lot of checks for this project.



We went to an Ice Cream Social at the Annie B. Ryan House. The proceeds of this event went to the fund for the renovation.
There is still a lot of work to be done. 

The bathroom was changed; the box for the flushing water is still near the ceiling.

The kitchen got new cabinets.

Doris is waiting for customers. As the treasurer of the society she is in charge of the money.

The volunteer painters are still working on the outside.

There is a large garden in the back.

Seating for the guests was provided.

A three piece band played string music.

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