Monday, August 17, 2015

Lana and Linda's visit.

I took Lana and the two boys to Freshwater Park in the afternoon. Linda stayed with Doris and helped her cook dinner.
Lucca and Jayce swam for a while.

In the evening Clay and Catherin, and her daughter and three grandchildren joined us for dinner. Thomas and Nicole came too.

We were fourteen people.
Doris had cooked baby back ribs and Clay brought spare ribs.
At 10:00 PM Doris, Lana and I went to the Eureka Inn for a Burlesque Show. Nicole, Doris’s daughter in law, was one of the performers. She was the best, better than the headliner, a professional woman. Nicole got a one hundred dollar tip from one person.
This was her second show since she took lessons for acting, make up and performing. Thomas had reserved us front row seats and we had a lot of fun. The show lasted two hours.


Today’s afternoon we spent at Patrick’s Point State Park near Trinidad. It is a very beautiful Park with the broad sandy Agate beach to sheer cliffs that rise high above the sea. Doris and her family spent a lot of times at this place. Lana and Linda climbed up the dunes to see how far up they could get up now.

We ate our lunch at the beach.

People were looking for Agate.

This was an unusual beautiful day. Normally the beach is shrouded in fog. Hiking up from the beach took some time.

At the park is a recreation of a Sumeg Village. Yurok Indians, who live in this area, built it in 1990.
About one half of a house is below the surface, this keeps it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

From the village we went to Wedding Rock.

The rock is high above the sea and one has a spectacular view of the ocean and the beaches.

On the way home we stopped at the restaurant in the marina and had dinner.

Tomorrow morning Linda and Jayce will head back to Portland and Lana and Lucca will drive to San Francisco and fly home to New York from there. Lana was able to get a rental car.
Doris and I will have the house to our self, which has not happened for a while.
I was able to take out the broken P trap from under the shower in the motorhome and cut the broken part off and glued in a piece of plastic pipe. The whole repair cost $ 2.00 for parts.   

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