Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Convair Camping Club Christmas Luncheon 2008

When I came home the oranges on the orange tree were more orange than when we left.
A few more weeks and we can eat them.

The backyard also enjoyed the cooler temperatures and the rain Carlsbad had.

Today we had our annual Christmas Luncheon, at the Best Western Seven Seas Hotel, in San Diego.

The food was very good and Doreen and I enjoyed the company of the group.
Every couple received one raffle ticket. We won a quilted table runner. It is beautiful and took a lot of work to make it. I had my eyes on the box of See’s candies though.
Some people wanted to trade with me, but Doreen did not let me.
I can taste those fine candies without physically having them.
Darwin and Linda joined the club last month. When Dottie and Chappy arrived, Linda and Dottie got a surprise. They are friends and had not seen each other for twenty years.
Rich and Wanda were at the luncheon. We had not seen them for almost a year. They were working at a County Park in King City, in Northern California.

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