Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas.
Doreen’s daughter, her son and his wife, her niece and husband, and their two children, the two neighbor women, and Jean Sinclair celebrated with us. We were ten adults and the two boys.
It was a lively affair. With all the goings on I forgot to take a picture.
We almost finished off the turkey and part of the ham.

I decided to check out the motor home again.
It was a fast decision. We put a full propane tank in the car, filled up an ice chest with turkey and other leftovers and took off.
It takes about two hours to drive to the desert near Borrego Springs.
Upon arrival I checked for leaks. The motor home has survived the heavy rain. With all that rain, there should be lots of flowers in the spring.
After attaching the auxiliary propane tank to the main tank, I sat down with Ron Carlson and we had a nice talk.
Doreen had a nap.
Ron started a fire and we stayed outside until it was too cold to enjoy it anymore.
After dinner Doreen and I watched a Pink Panther movie. It was a pretty stupid film.

It was 41 degrees F in the motor home when I got up.
We left for home about 9:00 AM. By that time the outside temperature was pleasant.

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