Sunday, December 14, 2008

Visiting the motor home.

We drove to Borrego Springs to check up on the motor home and bring some stuff back.
In the evening Doreen cooked a spaghetti dinner and we took it over to Ron's motor home and the three of us had a nice dinner.
During the night the wind came up. Doreen did not get much sleep. Between my snoring and the wind howling she was awake most of the night.
In the morning we left for home.
We stopped at the town though and bought a bag of grape fruit. Borrego Springs had very little wind. Ron's property is located on higher elevation.
We also stopped at Peg Leg Smith and talked to Dwight, one of the regulars, they come after the WIN's leave.
The drive home was terrible, we had fog and rain in Julian.
In my Slab City post I mentioned that the group was ready to go in one of the large water tanks.
Diana has the event covered on her blog. Click on "Life on the Open Road" under Diana's Travels.
She posted it Saturday, December 13.
Half Pint, the lady living in the box, is shorter than me, her hair is also shorter than mine. She is as thin as a rail, has tattoos all over her arms, and has a ten inch knife attached to her belt.
I know her from my visits to the Niland library, and I am scared of her. Her dog lets nobody close to the box she lives in.
She has a temper. One day she stormed out of the library because she could not win an argument with a man who also lives year round at the slabs.

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