Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Convair Camping Club Picnic 2009

We had our club picnic at San Diego Mission Bay.
Arlene and Howard, the hosts for this outing, served bratwurst with all the trimmings.
The weather was very good. Some of us actually had to wear sweat shirts because of the ocean breeze. Everybody had a good time. Some members, who do not camp anymore,
came and it was fun to talk to everybody.
We had the gazebo for shade.

Howard was cooking bratwurst on two grills.

We had some excitement. Doreen thought that somebody took her hand bag. We looked all over the place. There were some strangers nearby. Finally somebody got up and there was the white hand bag with the brown handles. Doreen had moved from our chairs to a picnic table for a while. When she came back to the chair she did not bring her hand bag.

Here is Bill checking out the dessert.

I am still working on the new motor home. I have the solar panels mounted and the four house batteries installed. Unfortunately the controller shows 13 volts and the charging light is on, but the amp meter is at zero.
To make sure that the batteries are full and it is therefore not charging, I turned on the microwave oven. That draws a lot of current from the batteries. The amp meter still was not moving.
I was really frustrated and wanted to accomplish something. So I removed the toilet and cleaned it and installed a new rubber seal. The bowl did not hold the water.
The Purple Heart organization is interested in my old motor home. If they take it and sell it, the money will go to wounded soldiers.

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