Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day 2009

Another 4th of July. Since the new motorhome is not ready for a trip, and Red Beach at Camp Pendleton was not open for camping, we celebrated at the club house.
The hamburgers were good and this time the committee had bought some bratwurst.
There was plenty of food and talking to the neighbors was fun too.

In the morning I worked on the motorhome. Yesterday I had mounted the solar panels on the roof. Today I brought the wires inside and cut a hole for the controller and mounted it. It is not easy for me to cut a three inch by six inch hole in the beautiful wood interior.
Nothing bothered me on the other two motor homes. The Coachmen motor home is almost new inside.
San Diego Trailer Supply had the rig Wednesday and Thursday for installing the leveling system and reworking the hitch. They did a good job on the hitch. I gained another three inches.
When I came home and went up the driveway I did not hit the cement with the rear of the motor home.
Last week I removed two three speed fans from the old motor home and installed them on the Coachmen. Then I installed the vents in the old rig.
This was a messy job. Removing the sealants was not easy. Two of my fingers suffered too.
I had bought 1 1/2 inch aluminum angle material for mounting the solar panels, since I could not remove the brackets from the old motorhome.
When I got home and was realizing that I just paid $ 70.00 for material, I bought a new putty knife and worked at it again. This time I was successful.

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