Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sweetwater Outing 2010

We are on our way to "Mule Days" in Bishop, California.
First we will spend three days with the Convair Camping Club at Sweetwater County Park.
The park is located near Chula Vista, on the Sweetwater Reservoir.
When we arrived today at the park we had to go through a construction site. I noticed the name of the construction company on the trailer office. Mario Portillo and his father Oscar worked with me at Convair.
When we arrived at our site we had difficulty leveling the motorhome. The sites are off side to side and very low in the back.
The smart thing would have been to turn the motorhome around and bring the front of the motorhome up.
But because we could not move the heavy concrete picnic table I decided to bring the back up. Big mistake, the parking brakes are on the back wheels and the motorhome moved and the hydraulic jacks jumped up.
Doreen was standing in the kitchen area and fell backwards again the dinette seat. She will have a colorful butt tomorrow.
This was a bad start on this trip. We made two mistakes, lifting the back of the motorhome up and Doreen standing in the motorhome while I tried to level it.
I finally got the pieces of 2x6 wood out and put the back wheels on them and then used the jacks.
After lunch I went to visit Mario. He is leveling the ground for new camp sites, with concrete pads and asphalt roads. Next year when we come back it will be easier to set up the rigs.
I spent about an hour with him. We had not seen each other for about 15 years and had to talk a lot about Convair and people who worked with us and still are in the aerospace industry and the ones who started new careers like Mario.

The group is small this time. A lot of our members are sick, and some had operations. We are six rigs.

At happy hour we had heavy horse d’oeuvres. Arlene and Howard introduced us to a new dessert.
Howard had cut 1 ¼ inch Dia. wood dowels about three inches long. He drilled a hole in the end and inserted a 16 inch long 3/8 inch Dia. wood dowel.
We put dough from a tube around the large part of this contraption and held it over a charcoal fire. When the dough was baked we filled that cup with all kinds of jellies, and puddings and topped it off with whip cream and red cherries.

The whole group took a walk in the morning. We walked through the whole campground and to the reservoir.

For lunch, Doreen and I went to Chula Vista, to Aunt Emma’s restaurant.
The hosts made BBQ sandwiches for dinner. Everybody brought a dish with either salad or dessert.
Two couples had come to visit.

We had a lot of fun at the camp fire.

At 6:30 AM I was on my way to the water tower on the hill above the campground. I came by Mario’s office trailer.

The sun was still hiding behind the dark clouds. From the top of the hill one can see the new campground construction site. The concrete pads are done.
At the end of the trails are signs explaining the purpose of the reservoir.

This was another fine day. The weather was perfect and we had a good time with the group.
This afternoon we used the potato bakers and made baked potatoes. Everybody brought something to add to the potatoes. There were onions, baked beans, bacon bits, sour cream and more.
Arlene also made some beef sandwiches

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