Thursday, May 6, 2010

New car

I have a new set of wheels.
Monday morning we looked at a 2001 Saturn SL2. The car was clean and the outside looked good too.
The 60,062 miles on the odometer was still in the range acceptable for me.
I bought the car.
Wednesday I crawled under the old car and took off the receiver for the tow bar, and today I had it installed on the new car. At the same time the electrical system for towing the car was installed.
The old Saturn will go to the same place as my old motorhome, Purple Heart will have the car picked up.
The money they get goes for a good cause.
177,000 Miles was enough for me. I never had a car before with that many miles on the odometer.
The car never let me down. I drove on dirt roads where I sometimes scraped the bottom of the vehicle.

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Barbara and Ron said...

Hey! It looks just like ours except cleaner and with less miles. And I bet yours has power windows.