Saturday, August 28, 2010

Leo Carrillo Film Festival 2010

The Leo Carrillo Film Festival began today at the former Leo Carrillo Ranch.
The City of Carlsbad owns part of the ranch, with the ranch house and all of the other buildings.
The park is open at 5:00 PM for ranch tours and for a picnic.
We arrived at 6:00 PM and right away had our dinner. While eating a visitor came and wanted some of my potato salad and probably the baby back pork ribs.
The peacocks are protected and are all over the ranch. Developers who bought part of the ranch had to
sign a contract that there would never be complaints about the noise those big, colorful birds make, and they sure produce ugly sounds.

The show started at 7:30 PM. An episode of “The Cisco Kid” precedes each movie. The featured film was “Moonlight and Cactus” The Andres Sister sang a lot of songs.
The movie may not be much, but the atmosphere at the park is fantastic, especially with a glorious sunset. The Film Festival is on the next five Fridays.

After the sun went down it got very cool. I wore shorts and we had to use the blanket
to cover our legs. I should have known better. Everybody was talking about the summer we did not have. Doreen and I will make up in two weeks when we go through Nevada and Utah.

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