Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dos Picos County Park 2011

We arrived at Dos Picos County Park, in Ramona, at 11:15 AM. We were early, but the ranger on duty let us go to our camp site.
After setting up the motorhome we drove to the post office in Ramona. On the way home we stopped at Subway and got one of their foot long sandwiches for $ 5.00.
When we drove on the road leading to Dos Picos, we saw Frank and Rhonda’s motorhome parked on the side. I slowed down and waved to follow me. They were early too and were waiting for the correct time to enter the park. At this time of the year most sites are empty and the rangers let people in.

The other members of the Convair Camping Club came to the park at about 1:00 PM.
This is Frank and Rhonda’s first outing with the club.
Since most of us have not seen each other for months we had a lot to talk about.
Dotty and Chappy arrived at about 4:00 PM. They came only for the 4:30 PM “Heavy hors d’oeuvres” and Happy Hour. Both of them are taking a bus tour to Sedona in the next couple of days.
As always there was a lot of good food and excellent conversations.
Since religion and politics are not discussed it is a joy to be with the group.

Rhonda, Frank, Doreen and I drove to Julian. No, we did not go for apple pie. We walked through some of the stores. The weather is wonderful now; the temperature is perfect.

For dinner we had: “Cook your own meat”, potato salad and green salad. Some people had steak and there was chicken and sausages on other grills.
After dinner we had the business meeting and then Jon started the campfire. This is always story time.

Today the group went to the Barona Ranch, at the Barona Casino, to visit their Rose Garden and other beautiful sites.

Doreen stayed at the motorhome. She had stomach pains.
Rhonda, Frank and I followed Jon and Linda. At the casino grounds they got lost and we ended up at the park house. From there we walked to the Rose Garden. We asked the rose garden attendant how to get to the place where we were to meet. He called for transportation to take us there.
The rest of the group was already there and after talking to a worker there we walked to the pond with all the beautiful vegetation around it.

In the evening the hosts provided bratwurst and everybody else brought a dish. For dessert we had root beer floats.
This was a wonderful outing. We parked under giant live oak trees. The weather could not have been any better.

This was not a good day. Doreen woke up at 5:30 AM and wanted to go home. She still had pain.
Rhonda and Frank had left already. They were on their way to Laughlin.
Doreen thought she had an appendix problem.
I went outside and took the flags down. It was still dark and I had a problem with the German flag. I had to leave it in the holder.
We moved away from the camping area and hooked up the car. I came too close to some trees and broke the flag. It was still hanging there, but I could not reach it.
When we came to the highway we could not make a left turn. The traffic would not stop. After a while I made a right turn and we went through Ramona and took highway 78.
By then the flag had come lower and I was able to break it away from the holder.
When we came home Doreen called Kaiser and they told her to go to the emergency room at Palomar Hospital. We drove to Escondido and spent a few hours at the hospital.
I read half of my Will Rogers book.
After the tests came back Doreen was told that she has no appendix problem and she was sent home.
They thought she has a strained muscle .

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