Saturday, December 3, 2011

Balboa Park December 2011

Today we went to Balboa Park to the I Max theatre to see a movie.
We were early and before we got to the theatre we decided to go down town and see where the Balboa Theatre is located and where we will be parking tomorrow. We will attend tomorrow the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus Christmas Special, which is always a fantastic show.
It was very easy to locate the theatre and we headed for Balboa Park again.
The access over the bridge was closed and we had to go back to highway 163. All the parking lots around the museums were reserved for the special event, which was “December Nights”. Even the parking along the streets was reserved.
We finally found parking at the zoo. It was a long way to walk and Doreen has now only one speed, slow.
We made it though, with five minutes to spare. The movie was a children movie and lousy. I expected that, but had to use the voucher this month. A good new movie will be available by the end of December but we will not be in town.
When we left the theatre we overheard one kid, he said: “This is the best movie I ever saw”. We may be wrong.
After the movie we went to December Nights. Along the Prado and around the fountain are booths. Vendors sell food and a lot of other items.

There was one place where children and adults were dancing.

At the Spreckels Organ bands were playing and people were singing.

There were not only humans, a lot of dogs enjoyed the festivities too.

Near the zoo, the little train reminds me of the train we had at the Convair Missile Park.

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