Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Convair Alumni Christmas Dinner Dance 2011

We have rain in Southern California. Yesterday one inch came down. Today it rained only a little bit.
Today we went to the Convair Alumni Dinner Dance at the Bahia Resort on Mission Bay.
I wore one of my suits for the occasion. After getting dressed I was standing around waiting for Doreen to get ready.
I moved the car out of the garage and Doreen got in the car. The first thing she said: “You look awful”.
The trousers I wore did not match the jacket. I thought that was easy to fix and went back to the house to find the correct jacket for the pants. There was no fitting jacket. The trousers did not belong to a suit.
I had to take the shoes and pants off and put on the correct trousers. Then I had to find a narrow belt. The normal, wide belt did not go through the loops.
Doreen was waiting in the car all that time. I did not say much. It is not easy to admit stupidity.
We had a good time though at the dinner dance. We danced twice. Doreen has to be careful with her back. Chappy and Dotty had arranged for the tickets and were sitting on the same table. Helen, one of our table companion is 89 years old and is thinking about quitting down hill skiing.
She says she has a balance problem.
The food was very good, so was the dessert.
I forgot my regular camera and had to use the camera I keep under the driver seat in the car. The flash on that camera is weak and the pictures I took are not that good. It was one of those days.

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