Monday, January 14, 2013

Aqua Caliente County Park 2013

I left Peg Leg Smith at 8:00 AM. My first stop was the library to do my computer work. The next three days I will have no WIFI and no telephone service. The park is surrounded
by high hills.

I arrived early at Agua Caliente County Park. The ranger at the entrance station mumbled something about check in time is 2:00 PM. She checked whether my site was available and let me pass.
Gary and Jackie, the hosts for this outing, had come yesterday. We are here for the annual Convair Camping Club January Outing.
By 4:00 PM all the participants of this gathering were here and we had dinner. The park is at a higher elevation than Peg Leg Smith’s Monument and it was cold
as soon as the sun went down.

I started to clean the mini blinds in the living room and kitchen area.
The mini blind behind the stove and sink was difficult to clean. I had to use chlorine wipes. In the living room wet paper towels were sufficient.

In the morning most of us went hiking up the canyon. We made too much noise to see any bighorn sheep.

At 3:00 PM was happy hour and the club business meeting. It is a bit warmer today. We still have to wear heavy jackets.

After the meeting Mexican food was consumed. There was beef, chicken, beans, lettuce and rice to fill the taco shells. It was a good meal.
Linda 2 brought lemon cookies which were out of this world. Millie brought warm pineapple cubes and a sauce to cover the fruit. This was another delicious dessert. There were also several cakes.
After the meal Gary had a big camp fire going. This was a wonderful day.

This morning I finished cleaning the mini blinds. I prepared a broccoli salad for tonight’s group dinner and filled the fresh water tank and emptied the holding tanks.
I had defrosted skinless, bone less chicken breasts and ground beef. While I have electricity here I broiled the chicken breasts and broiled two large hamburger patties
in the toaster oven. They are for the meals in the next few days.
I also cleaned the windshield of the motorhome.
The group hiked up another canyon. Early afternoon I went to the hot pool and cooked for a while. After that I took a shower in one of the shower stalls.

The weather has improved and tomorrow, when we leave, the temperatures will be back to normal.
After the evening meal we burnt all the wood. Gary had a really big camp fire going. Rhonda had made a white bean soup and somebody else a chicken noodle soup.
There was more chicken than noodles.
Even with the cold spell we had a good time.

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