Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

The New Year has arrived. So have three German motorhomes. Martha who is from Austria came already last week. They all have met before at different places.
Otto and Christa take pictures of humming birds. They brought a feeder.
I get to practice my German here.

Martha found one of the hot air balloons which was sent by the campers across the highway. The balloons run out of fuel when they come over Peg Leg Smith and come down.

Rita and Manfred come from Bavaria and drive a monster motorhome built on a Volvo chassis.
There is not that much room in the motorhome but the trucks are large and powerful and have four wheel drive.

Rosemary and Harald come also from the South of Germany. They brought a smaller motorhome, but they have a MAN monster at home.

I saw another big German motorhome at the library. They must be staying somewhere else in the desert.
In the evening I rotate going to the camp fires. Ted and Carol have a big camp fire. Norm and Brigitte have a smaller one.
This morning I helped Ron transporting a trundle bed from his house to the ranch. From the ranch we drove to Kendall’s and had lunch. This was a nice day. It must have been 70 degrees F. today.
I tried to publish my travel book for 2012. Before I ordered the printed version I downloaded it on the computer. It costs only $ 8.00. I am glad I did. I found areas where I had the same information twice in the month.
The book is going to be twenty pages thinner and cheaper.

This morning I decided to find the snake. Chuck, from the WINs, saw it on one of his hikes.
I walked up the mountain and down the other side. When I came to another high point I saw it. I had passed it. On the way back I took a short cut. Whoever built the snake did a good job. Different color stones are used for different body parts. The snake is about fifty feet long.

Going back I took a different route. The view into the valley was beautiful. At Peg Leg Smith people like to be near other people. Out here the rigs are a quarter mile apart.

The noise makers across the highway from Peg Leg Smith are almost gone. Only Bruce and Bob and their wives are still here. Their children and grandchildren had to go back to work and school.
Those clans are here every Thanksgiving and Christmas. They ride their dune buggies, all terrain vehicles and dirt bikes. At night they let hot air balloons go up in the air. They also light up the sky with fireworks.
I stopped to say hi to Bruce and Bob.

Yesterday was shorts and T shirt weather. This morning it was still pleasant, but at noon it changed. There are rain clouds hanging on the mountain.
Rosemary and Harald are going to Baja California on the 14th and invited me to their motorhome to tell them about my trips I took to Baja years ago. I let them read the books of my travels.
Rita and Manfred are still here too. Otto, Christa and Martha have left.
Otto will be an expert on hummingbirds. He went on the Internet and learned about those cute little birds. He set up a tri pot with a camera near the hummingbird feeder and by remote control took pictures.
All the Germans here seem to be very interested in the birds since they have none in Germany.

In the morning I went with Ron to Brawley to Lowes. Ron bought fittings to install his new vanity for the alcove at the ranch. He also bought five gallons of paint for his house and the sheds at the ranch.
Our next stop was Walmart. We both had long shopping lists.
When I noticed that I would be late for lunch at the Senior Center I called them. Those nice ladies at the center kept my food hot. I think they adopted me.
Back at the motorhome I put the stuff away and then went to Gordon and Coleen’s motorhome. They have a burned out headlight bulb on the motorhome. Yesterday I crawled under the motorhome and tried to take the bulb out. Without the proper tool I was not able to unscrew the back cover. I had to give up.
Later, Gordon brought me two cinnamon and honey covered pastries. They came fresh out the oven and smelled so good. I was in the process of preparing dinner. I could not resist eating one and then I had to eat the other one. Dinner had to wait for another hour.
Gordon had borrowed a tool and had taken off the cover but now he had problems removing the bulb. I went under the motorhome and tried it, again without success. I went and talked to Mike, who used to be a mechanic. He came and tried the remove the bulb and he came to the conclusion that the plastic is melted and the bulb cannot be removed. We had to remove the whole headlight assembly and Gordon has to go to a car repair shop and see what they can do.
Rosemarie and Harald needed a 120 volt outlet for cutting Harald’s hair. I told them that I would supply the power. I let them plug their big transformer in my 2,500 watt inverter. After Harald got his hair cut Rosemarie did the same for me.
Those two will leave tomorrow. They are heading for Mexico and then South America.
Today was a summer day.

Today was laundry day. I am getting ready to leave Borrego Springs. When I came back to the motorhome I felt like making potato pancakes. They are labor intensive, but worth the effort. Every time I make them I think about Gundel, a friend from Chicago, who had moved back to Germany and gave me every month a list to buy items for her at the PX and the Commissary. When I came with the groceries and other items, she made me pancakes. Gundel and Gertrud made the best potato pancakes. I try my best but they taste not as good as the women made.
Our summer weather disappeared. In the afternoon the wind came up and it got colder. For the next three days we have to put the shorts away.
Yesterday I went to Carlsbad to the dentist for teeth cleaning. I also went to Doreen’s house to pick up my mail. I will not change my address until all the income tax mail has arrived.
I took Doreen for lunch and then did some more grocery shopping at Frazier Farms. I am set now for my next stop.

It is time to say good bye to the people at Peg Leg Smith’s Monument. The group is like family. They help each other with repairs of the motorhomes and cars.
The camp fires are a good place to meet and learn about the people.

It was cold last night. In the motorhome it was 35 degrees F. this morning. The cold spell should be over in two days. As soon as the sun comes out it is pleasantly warm.

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