Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve 2012

After dinner I took a chair and walked to the large camp fire. The group made me welcome. I did not know that there was a potluck dinner in the works.
Jim was cooking steak. Jane, his wife, told me to stay. She said there was plenty of food, and there was. I was embarrassed and waited until everybody had helped themselves and then got a plate and took a small piece of steak and some of the other dishes.
There were two camp fires which was really nice. Ted and Carol, the hosts, encouraged me too, to eat. I see them every morning when I go for my walk. Their trailer is located near the trail head.
They have been married now for five years and have been coming that long to Peg Leg Smith’s Monument. The first year Ted had to be transported to the hospital in Brawley. At night Ted was going outside.
Carol wanted to turn on the outside light and pushed the wrong switch. Instead of the light switch she pushed the switch for the steps. The steps went in and Ted fell four feet down and broke a leg.
Carol and the dog slept in the car, in the hospital parking lot, for several days. They are laughing about it now.
Most of the people here are very nice; it is like family. They help each other.
We did not stay around the fire until 12:00 o’clock. I think we are too old for that. It was a wonderful evening and fun to usher in the New Year with this group. There was a clear sky and a lot of stars visible. I wonder what the New Year will be like. I hope better than the last six months. I have no clue what I will be doing after Quartzsite.

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