Friday, July 25, 2008

July 2008

Summer is here and California is burning.
This year the fires are up North.
On the 2nd I went to the Convair tool designers luncheon in Santee.
The 4th of July we celebrated with our neighbors at the clubhouse. We had the regular picnic food, hot dogs, and hamburgers. A lady played patriotic music on the organ.

Sunday, the 5th,I took the motor home to the beach. At 4:30 AM I was at Tamarack Beach, to get a good spot one has to come early. Doreen came at 10:00 AM.

I had plugged in the refrigerator a day early. When I wanted to use it the temperature was 70 degrees F.
When I opened the door, a strong ammonia smell hit me. I closed the door and put the drinks and some food in an ice box.
I am glad it happened at home and not when we are on the road.
Chappy had the same problem last year. He has the same motorhome, build the same year as mine.
After talking to people at RV places, I called him and told him what the price of a new refrigerator was.
He went to the place where he had his new refrigerator installed, and they wanted $ 1,130 instead of the $ 1,600 I was quoted.
I made an 8:00 AM appointment and the next day I took the motor home to Lakeside. Chappy came to the place and picked me up. We went for breakfast and then we went to Santee Lakes to check out the facilities, for a possible outing with the Convair Camping Club.
Doreen's niece had a picnic on the 12th. Her sister from Maryland, and her other sister from Simi Valley where there. With all those get togethers we will not lose any weight.

The Convair Camping Club did not go this month camping, instead we had a picnic on the 14th at Mission Bay. The hosts had come early and took possession of a large gazebo. They brought their motor home. We grilled and had a good time.

On the 26th we had a block party here at Camino Hills. More good food.

Today we played tourists. We went to Seaport Village, did some walking and had lunch at a Creek restaurant.

Since we are not going on a trip this summer, I have time to start up a blog. I have been following Donna and Bob, Diana, Barbara, and Brenda. They are full timer WINs, and are all over the country. Donna and Bob are in the Maritime Provinces of Canada. Diana and Barbara are on a trip around Lake Michigan.
I wish I was with them.
I started the blog last month and I am glad I have a lot of patience. I loaded all my old trip reports on the blog. When I found out I could not change the positions I had to remove them again and load the oldest first and so on. The last entry is always on top.
Then I loaded pictures into the reports. With regular dial up this is a slow process.
I am almost done.
In between I installed a shower enclosure, which we had to order because of the size of the shower.
Two days later we got a call and were asked on which side the shower head was.
The doors came with the handles on the wrong end of the inside door. They promised me that a field representative would come and straighten out this situation.
Since I started the blog I had two E mails from a man named Paul. He was googling David Wydysh, and David’s name came up in my Virginia trip report. He was asking me whether this Dave is the same as he is looking for. The second E mail stated that he is. When he continued reading he saw that I was visiting Dave at the Daimler Chrysler bus plant. Now he wanted Dave’s E mail address. A lady left a comment on my blog “Neat Whale Pictures” Click on the pictures and they get bigger.

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