Friday, July 11, 2008

Thanksgiving 2007

We left Carlsbad at 12:00 noon, after Doreen's medical appointment, and the Thanksgiving dinner at the Oceanside Senior Center.
Going down Montezuma Grade, near Borrego Springs, I had my first ever experience with failing Brakes. I had not installed the Brake Buddy in the car and the brakes in the motorhome got hot. It was a scary feeling. we were lucky that we were almost down the mountain.
I was able to put the transmission in first gear and slowly continue.
When we arrived at Peg Leg Smith Monument we had to look for a site to park the motorhome. Because of the Memorial Service for the founder of WIN a record number of people had arrived.

First we parked at the outskirts of the gathering, but after walking the area, I was able to find a spot near the stage and gathering circle.
At the circle meeting we signed up for some work. Eleven turkeys have to be carved up and stored in refrigerators,also the mashed potatoes, gravy, dressing and side dishes. Tomorrow all the food has to be heated and brought to the serving tables.
I am again in charge of the camp fire. At 6:00 PM we had a fire and music.
Ron, one of the members, has a trailer, which is a stage. He also has a karaoke machine and entertained us with music and singing. Everybody had a good time. He is a good singer.
We spent a few minutes removing the stones from the ground and then started dancing.

After Hugs and Mugs we visited Ron Carlson. He has bought ten acres near Borrego Springs and moved his motorhome there.
A few weeks ago he had a well installed. The well driller had to go 800 feet down.
We also stopped at Gary Magee's house and got six gallons of water.
In the afternoon we did some reading. A group had gone four wheeling and some people went hiking.
In the evening we saw pictures some members took on their way up Palm Canyon. They saw a lot of Big Horn Sheep.
Pete also showed us a movie, which was shown on Public Television, about the camping life- stile. It showed places we have been and people like some of us. The side of Pete's motorhome was the movie screen.

Today was Turkey Day. The weather could have not been better. Doreen and I were able to put our table on the side of a motor home and we had shade. There were 111 hungry mouths to be fed. Everything went without any problems. From the 11 turkeys is enough left for another meal tomorrow.
There was plenty dessert, like pies, cakes and other sweet stuff.

At 6:00 PM the WIN candle was lit. The candle is a log, about ten inches in diameter, and about twelve inches high. The log is cut vertically in eight sections, to about two inches to the bottom. A wick is stuck in the center and lit. The candle burns from the inside outwards.
Bets are taken on which section falls first.
It does not take much to amuse a bunch of old people. Section 1 fell first but took section 2 and 3 with it. Two ladies had bet on section 2 and 3 and split the winnings.
We have about 100 rigs here. Two rigs have two people in them including ours, and there are some guests.

In the morning we went into town, Borrego Springs looked like it was shut down for Thanksgiving. Lunch was turkey leftovers, it still tasted good.
At 2:00 PM we attended Randy's heavy discussion hour, which is always fun.
A group left at 5:30 PM for dancing at the American Legion. At 6:00 PM a Sing Along was held at the stage.
Doreen did not feel like dancing and I am not a singer, so we read and worked on the computer.

Several people had made turkey soup and we had lunch at 11:30 AM.
At 1:00 PM was the memorial service for Dorothy, the founder of the WIN.
A lot of members, and former members, came to visit and join us. It was a celebration of Dorothy's life.Quite a few tears were shed.She was a much loved leader.

We left at 3:45 for Fonts Point for sunset and rise of the moon. Our group was not alone there. Other desert dwellers joined us. Some had food and wine.

Today was a day of rest. The group got smaller, some people left for Yuma and other desert areas.
The sun came out only periodically and the folks with the TV dishes had to run their generators for a while, to fully charge the batteries. We get no English speaking stations, with our antenna, here in the valley.
I was able to test the Hawking WIFI antenna at this gathering. It works very well over a long distance. The second day I used it I had problems.
The instructions were not specific and I needed help. Pete is always willing to solve problems.
At 3:00 PM we had an Ice Cream Social and at 4:00 PM the regular circle meeting.
This Thanksgiving outing was a success, the weather was cooperating and
because of Dorothy's memorial, we saw a lot of members we had not seen in a while.
We hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. In December we will go to several Christmas parties, drive up to Eureka and then spent Christmas in Yosemite National Park.

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