Friday, July 11, 2008

Quartzsite 2008

This is our first outing in this new year.

1-14-08 through 1-16-08
We stayed at Agua Caliente County Park with the Convair Camping Club. Ten rigs had shown up.
There was plenty of eating, hiking and lounging in the hot pool.
Chappy, Dottie, and Doreen and I, drove Tuesday to Borrego Springs and visited Ron Carlson. He has ten acres near the town and is busy with landscaping and building two large storage sheds. His motorhome and sheds are visible from miles around.

We left Agua Caliente Park at 10:00 AM and headed towards Quartzsite. Highway 78 was not very busy, but it took us a long time to get there.
First we had to wait forty minutes at a train crossing. Two trains were heading North and one was heading South. We did not count the cars, it looked like the trains were a mile long.
When we crossed the California -Arizona border we stopped at the Flying J truck stop to get gasoline. There was a long line of trucks and motorhomes to gas up. $2.79 a gallon was a bargain for us and worth waiting for.
When we arrived at the Quartzsite camping area, our WIN friends had just come back from the 4:00 PM Circle Meeting. There was just enough time to wave to them. The motor home had to be set up before it got dark.
After dinner Doreen and I went over to Chappy's motor home and we made plans for tomorrow. Shopping at the flea market has top priority.

I attended Hugs and Mugs and was surprised how many people got out of their motor home. It was cold during the night. When I got up it was 36 degrees F in the motor home. It must have been at least 32 degrees F outside.
As soon as the sun comes out the temperature is pleasant.
We went to the main event portion of the flea market. Dottie and Doreen went one way and Chappy and I another.
In the evening we danced at the Senior Center.

After free breakfast at La Mesa RV the four of us went to another section of the flea market. We spent two hours there. All of us bought something. I bought four caps, at 50 cents for each cap, and a couple more small items.
In the afternoon, our friends from Saint Louis arrived. Darlene and Larry will spend some of this winter in the desert.
In the evening we went dancing at the Q, the large hall for the Gem Show and other venues. 204 dancers had shown up.

At 10:30 AM we left for the Desert Bar, an old mine converted to a bar. Darlene and Larry came along. We had hamburgers and I danced a few times. The weather was perfect and we had fun.

Another shopping day.
Dottie and Doreen went one way in the big tent and Chappy and I the other way.
I had planned not to buy anything but ended up buying two back supports for the seats in the motor home. The support felt so good that I had to have them.
Chappy bought also two. He got his cheaper. He had only $ 17.00 left in his wallet and did not have to pay the $ 20.00 for two supports.
Our next purchase was a stainless grill which fits over a burner on the stove. With the grill for the stove I do not have to set up the big B-B-Q for small items.
We also bought some other small gadgets.
The RV Show started Saturday and is geared to the 55,000 to 75,000 motor homes parked around Quartzsite.
At 3:00 PM we had a picnic at the camping area. There was some extra money in the kitty and the host of the outing bought meat for hamburgers and hot dogs.

Doreen and I went shopping for a short time. I think it was no fun for Doreen without Dottie. On the way home we stopped at the Pit Stop and filled up our water container. The rest of the day we took it easy.
Dottie cooked dinner and after dinner we went to the Opal and Ron Show at the Gold Star RV Park. We know both entertainers from the 49er Encampment in Death Valley.

In the morning the four of us went to the Gem Show. It is one of the largest in the US. Stones and Gems from all over the world are on display.
I am interested in equipment to grind the raw stones. The centerless grinder, to grind perfect round spheres, is a fascinating machine.
From the show we drove to La Mesa RV for free lunch. The served BBQed pork and chicken on buns and cole slaw. The soft drinks and coffee are free too.
Since we had come in two cars, Chappy and Dottie went to the beauty shop to make an appointment, not for Chappy, he has an extended face like me.
We went home for the open house. The group decided it would be nice to see how other peoples rigs are in the inside. Ten rig owners signed up and we took a look. One person has two fire places in his Gulfstream trailer. Since most people in the group live all year in their motor home or trailer, they do not mind spending money on their house on wheels. In the evening we drove to Bouse for dinner. Larry and Darlene came with us and Dottie's and Chappy's friends drove with them. The friends had arrived today. The eight of us had a good time at the Country Kitchen

It rained during the night. It was warmer last night, when I woke up the temperature in the motor home was 50 degrees F.
We went one more time to the big tent. The other day Chappy had bought a step, for easy access
to the built in door step. The new step is made of aluminum. He gave me his steel step. I like his very light step and today I bought one too.
In the afternoon the WIN group had a Talent/No Talent Show. We had some laughs. After dinner we went to Chappy's and Dottie's motor home.
Their friends and Darlene and Larry were also there. We were eight people. It was a wonderful evening.

After a short shopping trip we took it easy. In the evening Darlene and Larry came to our motor home to invite us for dinner. We had already started dinner and we told them that we would visit them after dinner. It is always nice to get together with friends. Doreen was happy, she got out of dancing at the senior center.
Dottie and Chappy are on their way to Bakersfield.
My motorhome is the second from the left, on the top row. The white Saturn is behind the motorhome. Click on the picture.

We left Quartzsite at 7:00 AM and arrived at the Elks Lodge in Indio at 10:00 AM. While registering I saw Chappy walking Maggie, his dog.
He and Dottie got stuck in Indio. There was snow on the Grapevine and traffic problems, so they decided to stay in Indio.
After lunch, the four of us went for a date milk shake at Shields Date Gardens, and from there to the College of the Desert for their flea market.
They closed at 2:00 PM and we shopped only for a few minutes.

It rained all night. Finally at 10:00 AM it stopped and we took off for Palm Springs. The show started at 1:30 PM and the Palm Spring Follies did not disappoint. We love that show.
When we got back to the motor home we had dinner. After dinner Dottie and Chappy visited for a while.

It had cleared up. There were only clouds on top of the mountains.
We had hooked up the car when we came back from the Follies, because we thought it would rain this morning.
At 8:00 AM we were on the road. When we arrived at highway 74 we disconnected the car from the motorhome and headed up the mountain.
I did not stop on top to attach the car again. A cold, icy rain was coming down. Chain required signs were up. Normally I would have turned around, but I kept on going. Sometimes Doreen was way behind because of ice on the road.
When a car, with about four inches of snow on the roof, came toward us, I did not feel so good. I stopped and gave Doreen a walkie talkie, and kept on. I wanted to make it to highway 371. The wind got worse and the motor home was shaking.
We made it to highway 371 and we slowly got to lower elevations. In Anza we stopped and attached the car to motor home. It was still raining.
The plan was to stop at Aguanga, at the Escapee Resort, and stay for two days and enjoy the swimming pool. The weather was lousy there too.
We should have stayed in Palm Springs.
At about 12:00 noon we arrived at home. Even with a few scary moments the trip was a lot of fun.
Doreen had fun shopping with Dottie. We saw our friends Darlene and Larry, we had not seen them for four years. And it is always a pleasure to be with the WINs. They are heading for the desert near Yuma. They will be going across the border to Los Algadones to get their teeth cleaned or fixed, and of course, dancing at the VFW, and Moose Lodge.

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