Friday, July 11, 2008

Winter 2006/2007 Peg Leg Smith, Yuma and Quartzsite

After a week at home we took off for the WIN Thanksgiving gathering, at Peg Leg Smith Monument, near Borrego Springs.

We arrived at about 12:00 noon and after setting up the motorhome joined some other arrivals and exchanged news. Some of the people we had not seen since Quartzsite.

I also checked out Ron Carlson's motorhome and called him and was able to report that the motorhome was still there and everything was fine. Ron's car was stolen in La Jolla, in front of his house. Jeep Cherokees are very popular across the border.
At the 4:00 PM meeting I was volunteered to take care of the evening camp fire.

Some of the group went to Julian for apple pie. We had planned to go along, changed our minds though, and drove to Palm Springs for the Follies. We left at 8:30 AM, when we arrived there, we went to the theater and bought tickets.
Then I went to the library and read the newspaper while Doreen went shopping. We had lunch at Ruby's Diner and then walked across the street for the 1:30 PM show. I had some good belly laughs. The entertainment is always first class. The headliner was Gogi Grant, at 82 she still can thrill an audience. One of her hits was: "The Wayward Wind".
I had anticipated that we would get back to the motorhome when it was dark and had set up the camp fire in the morning. All was needed a match.
When we got back the group was sitting around the fire singing songs, accompanied by an accordion player.
Ron had arrived today and I saw him for a few minutes and then we joined the singers.

This was a relaxing day. After hugs and mugs we went to the Christmas Circle in Borrego Springs, to the Farmers Market. We bought a bag of oranges. We also filled up the six gallon water container at Gary Magee's house and added it to the fresh water tank of the motorhome.
Some of the group went four wheeling. At 3:00 PM Randy, our poet, had his coffee can discussion. People had put questions on a piece of paper and deposited them in a coffee can. Randy reads the questions and the group tries to have answers and solutions. The questions are sometimes technical, about motorhomes, and also about relationships. The relationship questions are the best.
We have a lot of fun in that hour.
At 4:00 PM the circle meeting started. Refrigerators for ten turkeys, mashed potatoes, gravy and dressing were needed. The big motorhomes have large refrigerators and everything was put away.
I volunteered for setting up the tables tomorrow morning. After the camp fire we watched Pirates of the Caribbean, the first movie.
We had seen the second one in a movie theatre and were disappointed, this one was a bit better, but still not for our liking. We can not get television here. All the other campers have satellite dishes.

Everything worked like clock work. After hugs and mugs, two pick up trucks arrived with tables, loaned from the American Legion.
We set them up and the carvers started cutting up the turkeys. Other people took the dishes with meat, mashed potatoes, gravy and dressing to their motorhomes and put them in the oven to heat them up.
At 12:30 PM the dishes were brought back, and the servers got in action. One table was filled with desserts. Nobody was to bring pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie will be served on Saturday with the turkey soup.

We could not eat all ten turkeys and three hams. We try again tomorrow. Sherry, a new member, had invited Ron Carlson before we had a chance. We had brought Ron's big table over and the four of us were sitting in the shade of a motorhome. Our table was called last to the serving line, people sitting in the sun were served first. This was fine with us, there was plenty of food.
After the meal there was some entertainment. We waddled away full and happy. A lot of people were talking about taking a nap.
At four a clock vehicles left for Ponce Point to see the sunset. Doreen and I went for a walk.
The circle around the camp fire was the largest so far.
We are 90 happy campers in 80 motorhomes and trailers. The host, an English lady, living in Canada, does a super job. It will be her last year with the WINs, age is catching up with her. She bought a condo in Desert Hot Springs and will spend the winters there.

In the morning we went to the little mall in Borrego Springs. At the Outfitter Store I looked for non cotton T shirts, for the Colorado River rafting trip. They wanted $ 21.00 for one shirt. This is a little bit too much. I will try again, at a big store, when I get home.
At noon we stopped by the State Park Visitor Center, and saw the slide show and the new displays.
At the 4:00 PM circle meeting the summer circuit trip was outlined and hosts for the 12 National Parks were selected. It will be a California and Oregon National Park tour. It will be a super tour, but not for us. I like the new lens on my left eye so much that I want the left eye lens also replaced, and July and August are the best time for this. In those months we are usually at home. Perhaps we can do part of the trip.
After the circle meeting we tried to eat the rest of the turkey, we have to try again another day, there is still a lot left.
The group around the camp fire was smaller today. One group went dancing at the American Legion and another group had a card game going. We had music again at the camp fire and of course poetry.

At 3:00 AM in the morning the motorhome was shaking. The desert wind had come up.
At hugs and mugs it was still windy. We loaded Doreen's car and she headed for home. After she drove seven miles there was no more wind. It is windy only in the valley.
I will spend my time, until after Christmas, with the group, while Doreen does the Christmas thing.
At lunch we had five different kinds of turkey soup. I tried two and they were very good.
After lunch Ron and I drove to the hardware store, where Ron bought fittings for his solar hot water heater. He is building one from scratch.
It needs some more modifications. From the hardware store we went to the art fair.
At the 4:00 PM meeting the host announced that finally three people volunteered to host the gathering next year. I was happy, because if nobody would have stepped forward I was going to do it. Without a host, there would be no Peg Leg Smith Monument outing, and I love the place and the turkey dinner. Next year I will do more volunteering to learn how to be a host.
After the meeting we had an ice cream social. There was too much ice cream and they begged us to eat more. Finally some women came forward and took it to their refrigerators. There will be ice cream served next week at the Slabs, near Niland.
Today was the end of this gathering. We had beautiful weather, until today. In the evening the wind picked up again, and I did not start the camp fire.

Only a few people left today. Most of the group stayed because of the traffic. Since it was a long weekend, the desert was filled with campers who brought their dune buggies and other vehicles, used in the sand dunes and desert. A lot of them headed home today.
Some of the WINs will be going for a gathering in San Diego, at the Silver Strand. Another group is going to Superstition Mountain, near El Centro, for four wheeling. The remainder are going to the Slabs near Niland. Everybody will meet again for Christmas in Yuma, Arizona.
I will stay here until December 6. On the fourth I will go to San Diego, and Doreen and I will attend, on the fifth, the Christmas party of the Convair Camping Club. On the sixth I will take off for the Slabs.
Today we went four wheeling. We were a small group of five vehicles. First we went to the Badlands, below Font's Point.

We hiked into the canyon and worked up an appetite. When we came back to the cars we ate our sandwiches.

From there we went to the Hills of the Moon. A few Jeeps with families where there. The children were climbing up the steep hills. I asked one of the fathers if he was not worried about the children falling down. He was not concerned; he told me that the hills have no stones and are soft, and the ground below is also very soft. One of our women heard that and told me that water is also soft. When you jump from a bridge it is not so soft anymore. I checked it out and the large hills are made of dried mud.

Our next stop was Vista Del Malpais. It was a beautiful spot, overlooking the Badlands, similar to Font's Point.
At 3:00 PM we were back at the motorhomes. After a shower I went to the circle meeting. Since most of us still at Peg Leg Smith, we keep on our regular schedules. Ice cream was served and Sherry, a new member, gave a lecture about vitamins. She is a registered Dietitian.

This morning we had a mass exodus. Everybody, but six rigs, left. One woman was looking for her cat. She had to stay for a while until the cat decided to come home.
The mountains to the west were covered with rain clouds. It looked like it was raining in Borrego Springs. The clouds did not make it to Peg Leg Smith though.

We are down to four rigs. It is still a bit windy. Pete is still here and I can pick up my E mail from him. When he leaves I will have to go to the library, they have 24 hour WIFI.

Pete and somebody else left this morning. Now we are only two WINs and Ron. Ron took me for lunch today. This was the high light of the day.
I went twice to the library with my own computer. The second time I figured out how to use their system.
This morning I had to use the heater, it was 49 degrees F in the motorhome. By 9:00 AM it is warm again.

11-30-06 through 12-03-06
Every morning, at 8:00 AM, I walk up to the foot hills of the Santa Rosa Mountains. It is quiet up there and the view of the valley, Borrego Springs, and the mountains on the other side of the valley, is just invigorating.

Besides going to the library, there is not much to do in Borrego Springs. I will join the group again after going to Carlsbad next week.
I hope some new people come here to camp, otherwise the motorhomes are going to be alone. I will take Ron to La Jolla on Monday and bring him back on Wednesday. On Tuesday Doreen and I will attend the Christmas party of the Convair Camping Club.

12-04-06 through 12-06-06
The Christmas party was a lot of fun. I won a $20.00 gift certificate for the Soup Plantation and a poinsettia in a pot. The food was very good and it was nice to see all the people of the club.
Wednesday Ron and I drove back to Peg Leg and I attached the car to the motorhome and drove to Slab City. A lot of WINs were there already. At 5:00 PM a large group went into Niland, to a pizza restaurant

No activities were planned today.
I started walking toward Solar Mike's place, but turned around and took the car. It was almost 80 degrees F and it would have been too warm.
When I arrived at Solar Mike, I heard somebody calling my name. It was Ron, his new solar panels had arrived and they were installing them on his motorhome.
His old panels failed. I was there to ask Mike whether mine would be next. Mine were manufactured after the manufacturer had solved the problems. A lot of people are waiting for replacement panels.
In the evening we enjoyed the camp fire. I got volunteered again to take care of the fire.

A group of WINs is camping at Finney Lake, a small lake south east of Calipatria. Our kayakers decided to go there and do some kayaking.
They left at 10:00 AM and I followed them. We passed miles of fields with spinach. This part of the desert is deep green. While they were going on the water, I drove to the lake south of Finney Lake. There were about 300 White Pelicans sitting on little islands and on the shore, what a sight. I did not have my camera with me.
On the way home I made a detour and went to Brawley to do some banking. Bob and Donna left this morning to stay the night with Doreen. She will bring them tomorrow to the cruise ship for the cruise of the Mexican Riviera. Now I can not go on the Internet. Bob had no pass wort on his WIFI. I tried to get on Pete's, with no luck. He gave me his pass word but it will not work.
I wrote a lot of Christmas Greetings with Microsoft Word and sent it as an attachment. Several of my friends can not open the attachment.
Joanne with her guitar and Mary Lou with her accordion arrived today. With them here, we had a lively camp fire.

I went this morning to the library in Niland. It was closed. It will be open only a few hours during the week. It seems they have some computers.
Since we had planned to go dancing at the Fountain of Youth Resort, I decided to go early and pay the day fee, go swimming and do my E mail at their computer room. And then go to the dance hall.
When I arrived at the gate I was told that they stopped the day fee program because of insurance problems. I drove 15 miles, one way, for nothing.
In the evening I left early and when I arrived at the resort the gate attendant gave me a pass for going dancing. I went to the hall and had the pass signed and paid the $3.00 admission fee. I was told to put the pass in the box, at the gate, upon leaving the facilities. I asked the lady if they would come to the slabs and get me, in case I would forget.
When she heard that I came from the slabs, she asked me whether more people would come. I told her that bunch of wild WIN women would arrive shortly. They started laughing and were happy that we patronized them.
Since I know my way around the Fountain of Youth, it was easy for me to get my E mail done.

The evening turned out to be a lot of fun. Besides the WINs there were also a few tables of LOWs (Loners on Wheels) They are also staying in Slab City.
I was sitting out a waltz, when one of the ladies from the LOWs asked me to dance. I told her that the waltz is my weak point. She told me to try it.
I was perspiring and feeling weak. In no time did she have me going with the music. I told her that Doreen complains about me going only in one direction. So she had me going straight forward and backward.
When the next waltz came up I felt good enough to asked her for the dance.
For the three dollars we got also cookies and fruit punch and coffee. Most people had water bottles with red water. And that water made them pretty happy.
The music was good and everybody enjoyed the evening. The mixers were fun too. A lady blew a whistle and we had to change partners.

In the morning I drove to Sunbeam Lake, near Seely. After a visit to the Sunbeam RV Park office I drove around looking for Peter Shurko's fifth wheel trailer. I could not find the site and had to go back to the office. AI lady got into a golf cart and guided me. When we arrived at the site, Peter's neighbor informed me, that Peter and Holly had just left.
It was very windy in the El Centro area and they might have gone home early. It was only 10:00 AM. The rest of the day was a lazy Sunday.

On my morning walks I go in different directions, to see who stays in Slab City. There are tents, old run down buses, and very expensive motorhomes.
The LOWs have an all year compound, with three trailers on a large concrete slab. It looks like it was the site of General Patton's headquarter.
On the slabs where buildings built during the war. Troops trained here for desert war. The LOWs have a library, game room and meeting room, and still room for a dance floor.
After hugs and mugs we went to the Sonny Bono Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge. There are large fields, with grass, for the birds which are migrating along the Pacific Flyway. In one area we saw between 7,000 and 9,000 snow geese. The rangers have large, powerful scopes which they use for counting and identifying the birds and check for the country they come from. One goose came from Russia.

There were also white pelicans and other birds. Two of our group are regular birders and had the books and all the equipment.
At 4:00 PM I went to the library in Niland. The computers did not work and I had to drive to Calipatria to do get my E mail.
Another one of my friends was not able to open up my Christmas letter. Next year I will be smarter and type it in Juno instead of Microsoft Word.

12-12-06 through 12-19-06 (still at Slab City)
The daily walks and group activities keep me going. The group gets smaller every day.
Monday I went to the library in Calipatria and did my E mail. On the way back I stopped at the Mud Volcanoes (Mud Pots). The Mud Volcanoes are natural cones built up by viscous mud that bubbles up through central vents. They are about six feet high and one can hear the mud come up.

Tuesday we went to the American Legion in Bombay Beach, for "Taco Tuesday". The Tacos were delicious and cheap.
Wednesday was another lacy day. The library in Niland finally had the computers going and I was able to take my own computer and do E mail.
We are only six people now. At Hugs and Mugs the hugs get longer. Thursday we left at 2:30 PM for the Oasis. Even with two jeeps equipped with GPS, we had a hard time finding it. We had to do some four wheeling after we saw the palm trees in the distance. After this adventure we went to the American Legion in Bombay Beach for spaghetti dinner.

They have good cooks. The meal was again very good. For $4.50 we could eat as much as we wanted.
Friday we drove to Palm Springs to the Air Museum for the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit. They have over 60 precise and interactive replicas of the transportation, military, and mechanical devices developed by Leonardo da Vinci in the 15th century.
There were also copies of his paintings like the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. It is an exhibit worth seeing.

Saturday I met Doreen in Julian. I had made reservations for the California Wolf Center. A storm had come through and it was a cold, wet day. We had lunch first and then we drove over to the center.

We saw a slide show and listened to a lecture about wolves before we went to the enclosures. The wolves liked that kind of weather and came out from the bushes. In one enclosure were Mexican Grey Wolves and in the other were Alaskan Wolves.
Sunday was a slow day. Donna and Bob came back from their Mexican Riviera Cruise. They had a good time. At night we burned our last wood. Monday was even slower.
Tuesday, Bob and Donna decided to leave for Yuma. It was time for me too. I arrived at Yuma at noon and after setting up the motorhome, went for a walk. Many WINs are here already. The gathering starts on Thursday.

During my morning walk I came across a group of WINs. They had decided to have unofficial Hugs and Mugs. Some of them I had not seen for a year.
After setting the solar panels on an angle, towards the sun, I went to the Wal Mart Super Center and bought groceries.
There was also an unofficial circle meeting at 4:00 PM. A rough outline of the happenings was presented.
Turkey dinners will be served at the VFW, which is located 500 yards from my motorhome. It is the only building in a five mile radius. The president of WIN ordered seven turkeys. Side dishes have to be brought by the members.
Volunteers, for jobs, were requested to step forward. I took again the fire Marshall job. Getting the camp fire ready is easy. Tomorrow morning a member, who has a Peterbilt truck, will pick up a load of wood. He pulls his large fifth wheel trailer with this truck.

This is the first day of the Yuma gathering.
When I woke up this morning it was 33 degrees F in the motorhome. A cold front has come through and it is unusually cold at night. As soon as the sun comes out it is warm again. I ran the furnace for 15 minutes and then used the catalytic heater.
The VFW had dancing from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM. While going in the shower I hurt my back. I just turned around and the pain was there. No dancing for me.
Lola had called Doreen and then called me and invited me to go dancing. She is staying somewhere in Yuma. She is a good dancer. With my back pain, I lose out on a lot of fun. I hope I will feel better when we get to Quartzsite.
In the evening a group went down town for dancing. I sat at the camp fire and helped solve the problems of the world. We do not solve political and religious problems though.

This morning, when I woke up it, was ten degrees warmer than last night.
We are slowly getting back to normal, weather wise.
A group left at 10:00 AM for Algodones, Mexico, for shopping and Mexican food. I am taking it easy and try to improve my back. We have now 65 rigs here.
After the 3:00 PM circle meeting I took my bag with refuse to the large bin at the VFW. There was a Honda Goldwing motor cycle, with New Mexico license plates, parked near the entrance of the lodge. It belongs to Lola. She saw me and came to the fence and talked to me.
She wanted to go dancing tonight at the Moose Lodge, but did not want to go by motorcycle. I volunteered to pick her up.
We arrived at the lodge shortly after 7:00 PM. A group of WINs was there already.
I danced with some of the women. The group left at 8:00 PM and went to Micky B's, which opens up at that time. Lola and I stayed until 9:00 PM and then went over to Micky B's. Lola arranged with some WINs to take her home, after they were through dancing, and I went back to the motorhome.
The Moose Lodge is bad enough, but Micky B's is a smog filled room with little ventilation. It is a popular place and crowded. They still smoke in public places in Arizona.

Almost everybody went to Old Town Yuma for lunch and sightseeing. I went to Winterhaven and tried to visit Vicki Daley's parents and hoped she would be there for the weekend. Her parents had left for town just before I arrived at the RV Park. So I went to Felicity, to the center of the world.
They have granite walls etched with the names of marines killed in the Korean War. Another wall lists the history of French aviation and the history of the French Foreign Legion.

I did not leave the camping area today. After vacuuming the furniture, and the floor of the motorhome, I went visiting. At the circle meeting it was announced that we are now 76 rigs.
At 6:00 PM we gathered for the camp fire, finger food and singing Christmas songs. We had three camp fires going. There was no dancing and almost everybody was there, singing and having a good time. Bag Pipe Bob played Scottish, Irish and Christmas songs. Mary Lou played the accordion.
Early tomorrow morning, on Christmas day, I will be heading for San Diego. The motorhome stays here. I will return to Yuma on New Years day.
There will be Doreen's turkey dinner and several parties to go to.
We hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas and a very good 2007.
Doreen had her children and her niece, with her children, at the house for Christmas.
Tuesday, after Christmas, we visited a friend from the Convair Camping Club. It was his 82nd birthday and unfortunately his last. According to the doctors he has only a few more weeks to live.
Thursday we went to a Christmas luncheon from the Convair tool designers.
It is always a pleasure to see some of the old group.
And Sunday we celebrated at the clubhouse where we live. We said good by to the old year and welcomed the new one.

There was very little traffic on the highways on Monday. I stopped at Sunbeam Lake and checked whether Pete Shurko was at his fifth wheel trailer. Then I drove to Sidewinder Road to see whether I could find Sue and Ken Pace. I had no luck though on both occasions.
My next stop was Winterhaven and I was able to see Vicki Daly's parents. They were at their motorhome and I had a nice conversation with them.
More people had arrived at the camp site, and the group had a wonderful Christmas dinner. In the morning they came in their pajamas to Hugs and Mugs, just like when they were children. Everybody brought one present.
One woman had suggested that, and I did not think they would do it, but they did. Old people get away with a lot. I can not wait to see the pictures.

Today I checked out the Escapee RV Park in Yuma. I still do not know where I will be going for the next two weeks. Most of the group is going to Martinez Lake for kayaking. I am one of the few people who have no kayak. Somebody would loan me one I am sure. Staying near Yuma is easier for picking up Doreen.
We can not go to other government land within a 25 mile radius, and our two weeks are up here near the VFW. The last two weeks in January we will be in Quartzsite, which is about 60 miles from here.
We had a super camp fire. It was a full moon and it did not get very dark. Randy kept a good discussion going.

Gilbert and I drove to Martinez Lake to check it out. There is a lot of room, but the cell telephones do not work out there. The Escapee Park with its swimming pool looks better now. At the lake we met John and Conk, his little dog. He did not come to Yuma, but will be with the group in Quartzsite.
In the evening we went dancing at the Fortuna de Oro RV Park. It is a very large park and has a big, beautiful dance hall. There was no smoking, which is unusual in Arizona. The band was good and it was a lot of fun. I counted 40 tables, with eight people on each.

We have summer weather, The last few days I wore shorts and a T shirt.
Today was our last hugs and mugs at the Yuma BLM land. Most of the group left after the meeting. The remaining ten people had a party at 5:00 PM.
We had finger food and Nancy made slippery nipples, a drink with two kinds of alcoholic beverages and ice cream. Everybody loved it.
I left early because it got cool and I had no alcohol in my system. The slippery nipples seemed to keep the rest of the group warmer.
The WIN family showed their true colors again. One lady of the group bought a used class A motorhome last week. Sharon, the WIN president, took the solar panels off the woman's older motorhome and installed them on the roof of the class A motorhome. She also removed the inverter and installed it in the new motorhome. Sharon was an Electrical Engineer in her other life.
Pete installed a catalytic heater in the new motorhome. Other people did other jobs to get the motorhome to WIN standards, to be able to boon dock.

I left the BLM land at 10:00 AM and drove to the KOFA KO-OP RETREAT, an Escapee park. After setting up the motorhome I inspected the swimming pool and the club house. They have telephone jacks for hooking up the computer.
Donna and Bob came an hour later. They are also staying in town. Their new motorhome will be ready in a few days. It is a brand new 35 foot Allegro, with three slide outs. His diesel truck and fifth wheel trailer, and her motorhome were traded in for the new rig. Donna keeps her Saturn
until they buy a new four wheel drive pick up truck.
In the afternoon I went to the flea market to buy an motorhome roof antenna for my cell phone. The RV park is outside the city, among orange groves. Reception is bad, unless I stand on the roof of the motorhome, which is not very convenient. The vendor has to order an adaptor for my telephone. I will get it next week when I come back from Carlsbad.

This morning I went to the KOFA club house for breakfast. Their breakfast is less expensive than in Camino Hills, where we live. I paid only $1.50. Omelets in a Bag was on the menu.
You pay the $ 1.50 and you get a plastic bag, a bit bigger than the sandwich bags. The bag has a number. There is a table with mushrooms, onions, green peppers, cheese, and all the other ingredients for an omelet. You put the stuff you like in the plastic bag. At the end of the line is a person with cups of mixed eggs, she pours the liquid eggs in the bag. After zipping up the bag, it is put on a tray.
A person picks up the bags and puts them in boiling water and cooks the omelets.
After they are done they come back to the dining hall and the numbers on the bag are called. One picks up his bag and also picks up a muffin and some butter.
The omelet was delicious and a new experience for me. The people in the park are friendly and make us welcome. Last night the Welcome Lady came to the motorhome and brought some information and a questionnaire for rating the park.
After breakfast I went back to the flea market and picked up the cell phone antenna. I will take it home next week, when I pick up Doreen, and make a bracket for mounting the antenna to the motorhome. They sell all kinds of brackets but I have a different idea.
In the afternoon I went into town and checked out the camping facilities at the Elks Lodge. In case I can not stay here longer than seven days, I have to find another inexpensive camping facility. Here I pay $ 5.00 a day and the Elks charge $7.00. Both places are very reasonable. At the Elks I can stay five days. This will be fine. By then I have picked up Doreen and we will be on our way to Quartzsite.
I also did some swimming in the pool and sat in the spa.
Donna and Bob have a garage sale. They get rid of a lot of things. They merge two households into one. They are very brave. Many people came by, some of them we know. They are also WINs. They bought a lot for their motorhome, in the park, and spend the winter in Yuma. In the summer they participate in the WIN Summer Circuit.

Another easy day. There was an ice cream social at 6:30 PM. One scoop was 50 cents, and they had my favorite ice cream, mint chocolate chip.
The scoop was more like two. Since there were also people with birthdays, very good cake was served too.
Some WINs had come to the park to visit. We sat together, after the event was done, and talked until 8:15 PM.
Taking it easy makes me tired, I was glad to get back to the motorhome..

Today I had the motorhome propane tank filled up. Here at the park they charge only $1.49 per pound, almost a dollar cheaper than at some other places. When I went to the office to pay for the propane, I asked the lady whether I could stay two more days. She gave me one more day, which will do. I will leave Wednesday for Carlsbad and we will come back on Saturday. My appointment is on Friday.

I went to the hardware store to pick up parts for mounting the cell phone antenna. My idea did not work though. The U clamp I bought was binding the TV antenna mechanism. I have to make a simple bracket and screw it to the TV antenna mast.
The rest of the day I spent in the swimming pool and the library at the club house.

1-10-07 through 1-12-07
At 4:30 AM I was on my way to Carlsbad. A broken sprinkler system pipe was waiting for me. I fixed it and did some yard work.
I also made a bracket for mounting the cell phone antenna to the motorhome TV antenna.
Friday morning the weatherman announced that a cold front was coming from Akaska and snow could be expected in the mountains.
We had planned to leave Saturday morning, but with the idea of driving over black ice, we changed our mind and left Friday afternoon.
Doreen had a beauty shop appointment at 3:45 PM. We packed the car and went to the beauty shop. After Doreen was beautified we got on I-5 and hoped for the best. We were lucky and encountered light traffic. It was not the normal Friday rush hour traffic. The only slow part was going through El Cajon. We arrived in Yuma at 9:00 PM Arizona time.

We moved to the Elks Lodge. The cold front had also reached Yuma and people have not experienced such cold weather for a long time. The oranges and other citrus fruit might get damaged by the frost.
We went to the lodge for dancing. They served a rib dinner, but we had Shepard's pie, from the kitchen of Doreen, it is one one of my favorite dishes. The music was good and the people on our Table had a good time.

There was very little wind today in Yuma, and the weather was pleasant.
We visited Lola and her new boy friend. She seems to have found a keeper.

Our visit to the Historic District of Yuma turned out to be a bummer. They have a lot of street construction going on in Old Town and there are a lot of temporary fences. It was difficult to get around.

This morning we drove the 80 Miles to Quartzsite. We met some of the group. Tomorrow the gathering will start and a lot of people will arrive during the day.
While I was installing the cell phone antenna, Chappy (Richard Chapman) and Dottie arrived. They had gone on the other side of the highway, to the Solos, the singles group from the Escapees. Many of the WINs also belong to the Solos, and they were able to direct them to us.
It was another cold night. Yuma had warmed up a bit, but Quartzsite is at a higher elevation and it is still cold.

As soon as the sun came out the weather was beautiful. We picked up Chappy and Dottie and went to the flea market. Chappy and I went one way and the women another. We bought small items, things we cannot do without. After the shopping we went to the library and got our E mail.

During the night it was a little bit warmer than the night before. I hope we soon get along with one less blanket. The damage to the citrus fruit is very large. We can expect higher prices this year and next year.
At 11:00 AM we went to the La Mesa RV dealer for lunch. All week they have free lunch at the Silver Buckle Bar and restaurant. The food, soft drinks and coffee was free and the meal was good. They served pork roast, rice, and a salad.
After the meal we took a look at some of the new motorhomes and then went to another section of the flea market.
The weather was again perfect for shopping. We walked for two hours, up and down the aisles.
After the 4:00 PM circle meeting we had entertainment. A female singer with the voice of Patsy Cline sang Patsy's songs and some gospel songs.

Today was a day of free loading. We had a free breakfast at La Mesa RV and a free lunch at Beaudry RV. They served chicken breasts, hamburger buns, onions, tomato slices, lettuce, potato salad, beans, and a large cookie. The lines were very long, but the price was right.
It was a day for eating and not shopping. A light rain came down all day. At 2:00 PM we had another one of Randy's sessions. We had it in the WINwam, a large tent. The men had 30 minutes to present what they expect in a relationship, and then the women had 30 minutes. After that it was a mixed question and answer time. It was serious and funny at the same time.
In the evening we went to the senior center for dancing. Chappy and Dottie and their friends came along. There were not enough WIN men and the few of us danced almost every dance. I danced with every woman at least once. Including Doreen.

We have blue skies again and it was warm during the day. Doreen, Chappy, Dottie and I went to the big tent at the RV show. Today is the first day. Chappy was impressed with the size of the show.
I had some questions for vendors and received the answers. We bought some small items.
In the evening Doreen and I went dancing at the Q, a large hall, used for the Gem Show and other local activities.

We took Dottie and Chappy to the Desert Bar, an old mine converted to a place for entertainment. It is located in the middle of nowhere. A group of WINs went by four wheel drive vehicles. They went over rough roads. We took the regular five mile dirt road.
Part of the experience is, having hamburgers with chili, or hot dogs with chili. One can have them also without the chili. The four items are the total menu. The place is special though.
We danced a few dances and then headed for home. Unfortunately the wind had come up and it cooled off too. The dance floor is outside. Everything is outside.

We went back to the RV show today. In the afternoon we took it easy and after the 4:00 PM circle meeting we went with Chappy and Dottie to the little town of Bouse for dinner. On the way home we saw a beautiful sunset over the mountains.

Today was a four wheeling day. We went to the Southern Cross Mine. Our vehicle was a Chevrolet Tahoe. It is a bit big for four wheeling because of the long wheel base and it is wider than a Jeep. The ride was comfortable though. Only one vehicle got stuck and had to be pulled out.

We all became TV stars today. A crew of five, from Retirement Living, joined us at hugs and mugs. They had two cameras. When they found out that we were going into the mountains with four wheel drive vehicles, they wanted to come along too.
Our whole outing is on film now and will be broadcast on one of the cable channels.
A group of married people had arrived before us, near the mine. Donna Lee told them that we are single and the ladies should watch their husbands.
They thought it was funny.

I tried to get Doreen's E mail at the library for several days. I had told everybody that we prefer not to get any mail which is not personal.
Some people ignored that and sent her jokes, and other material. With all the other people at the computers at the library, the mail was loading for over 25 minutes and still did not come up.
At the camping area we have four rigs with Internet access. Three of them gave me their password but my computer does not work with their system.
The person who does not protect his system with a pass word just bought a new motorhome, and had not put his dish up yet.
Last night I finally could get into his router. Doreen had 109 messages. I do not have this problem. Almost everybody respected my wishes and did not sent me any non personal mail. I know that Doreen forwarded some mail, and sent some jokes. When we get home we will change her E mail address and start anew.
From now on we ask everybody not to send us any un personal E mail, even when we are at home. We are gone most of the time in the winter. Doreen had junk mail and it keeps coming.

Today was a summer day. We are happy that the weather is almost normal again. Early in the morning I took the tow bar to the RV show area. Roadmaster has a temporary repair facility there.
Late morning we visited the Gem Show. The vendors have stones and crystals from every corner of the world. Some also have jewelry.
In the evening we had a surprise camp fire. The surprise was, we cooked Hobo Pies in the fire. Two pieces of white bread, with fruit between them, are put in a form with long handles. It took about two minutes for each pie.
A lot of the members of the group showed up. Since it was warm, we had a good time.

The desert climate does not agree with Doreen. She is coughing again.
This morning I picked up the tow bar from Roadmaster. They had fixed it without charging me for the repair.
After hugs and mugs we headed for home. The outing ends on the 31st, but Doreen needs a rest from the dry desert air.
We drove to Peg Leg Smith's Monument in Borrego Springs. The regular group is here. Ron Carlson is the mayor now, since Marvin has a vision problem and has to stay in Idaho.
Ron had a super camp fire going. He and Dwight improved the fire ring. They enlarged the hood and added to the stove pipe above the hood.
All it needs now is a fan to get rid of the smog when it is windy.

I did my morning walk up the mountain. From up there one has a good view of the valley.
The rest of the day we took it easy. Our excitement of the day was, going into Borrego Springs and getting a chocolate chip- mint ice cream.

We left Peg Leg Smith at 8:00 AM. We could not pass Dudley's bakery without getting a bear claw. Oh, they taste so good.
We arrived at home at about 10:30 AM.

Now we have two weeks to get ready for the WIN dance rally in Casa Grande.

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