Thursday, June 11, 2009

Maiden Voyage

After laying in bed and thinking about the electrical problem, I could not wait to get up and give it another try.
I found the contacts for the left and right signal lights on the seven wire outlet on the motorhome, using a test light.
Later, I got Doreen to push the brake pedal and the contacts for the left and right signal lights lit up.
Now I was totally confused. I went to Highway Trailer in Escondido and showed them both parts, the male connector matching the outlet on the motorhome and the flat female connector for the car.
I was told that the colors of the wires for each system are different and they handed me a sheet of paper which showed all six wiring systems and telling what each wire does.
I was on the right track when I tried to do it with my test light.
We left Carlsbad at 11:45 AM with the car in tow.
Going up the mountains was no problem. The engine had plenty of power.
I did not feel very good though. The back of the motorhome is very low. I had transferred the skid wheels from the old motorhome to this one, and they are not very far from the ground.
The skid wheels are needed to keep the back of the motorhome from sliding on the driveway when backing up.
The street is lower than the driveway.
The fresh water tank is located all the way back and it is full. But that should not make that much of a difference. It is something to worry about though. Before I have the leveling jacks installed that has to be fixed. .
Talking about leveling, William Heise County Park is a beautiful park but the concrete pads for parking the trailers and motorhomes are not level. I had some wood and plastic leveling pads with me. It was not enough. We were lucky that somebody left some pieces of boards at the fire pit.

I had to turn the motorhome around though, less wood is required for the two front tires than the four in the back.
We had Happy Hour at 5:00 PM. What we call heavy hors d’oeuvres were served. Everybody brought some finger food.
We sat around the camp fire, ate our food and watched the wild turkeys walking by. There were some mothers with their chicks. The babies are cute.
We went to bed early, both of us were tired.

We did not sleep to well. I had eaten too much.
The bed is very comfortable. After sleeping in my own bed I have to get used to having somebody beside me.
This motorhome has a queen size bed.
It was 50 degrees F when I woke up. This gave me a chance to check out the furnace. It works very good.

The wild turkeys were wandering about again. Before I found my camera they had disappeared in the bushes.
During the day we did not do much. It was sunny and sweat shirt weather. Most of the group had gone for a hike in the morning. We sat around the camp fire for a while and talked. I prepared a broccoli salad for tomorrow’s dinner.
Everybody came over to our motorhome to inspect it. This is a good time to get ideas for doing things around our new little house on wheels. All the men agreed that the rig is too low in the back.
I turned on the water heater and we tried out the shower. We like the shower head and the flexible hose in the old motorhome better. That has to be exchanged too.
Happy Hour and our monthly club meeting was at 4:00 PM. At 5:00 PM we ate chilli and all kind of salads.
After dinner we had another camp fire. Since we are 16 people, one can not get very close to the fire and I got cold. Doreen was sitting at the good side and she was warm. We left early and I warmed up with a hot chocolate. The rest of the evening I spent reading the manuals for the motorhome and the appliances, very exciting reading. Doreen was knitting.

We woke up when large drops of water were hitting the roof of the motorhome. There was a light rain and the water collected on the tree above the motorhome, and when they drops got heavy they bombarded us.
It is unusual cool for June and not normal to have rain.
At about 10:00 AM we left for Julian. It was foggy and we had to take our time.
We went to several antique stores, where we met some of our camping buddies. As soon as we came back to the park we took a nap.
In the afternoon it cleared up and the sun tried to come out. Dinner was canceled though. Some of the group went back to Julian for dinner.
Everybody came to the campfire. Julian Pie and ice cream was served.

We woke up during the night. Some animal was chewing on the motorhome. I went out with a flashlight, froze my buns off, but could not see the critter.
As soon as I was in my warm bed the noise started again. I went out again, with the same result.
In the morning I looked for damaged wires, but could not find any damage.
After breakfast we got ready for the trip home.
This was a wonderful outing, even with the bad weather on Wednesday.

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Barbara and Ron said...

The rig looks great! I see a nice big closet too.