Sunday, June 7, 2009

Now I have two motorhomes.

Friday we picked up the new motorhome.
The electrical connection from motorhome to car is different and Doreen had to drive the car home. The car has a four wire set up and the motorhome seven wires.
The colors are different too.
When we left Carona and went on I-15 I had a funny feeling. There seemed to be something wrong with the steering.
Since I was nervous driving a bigger motorhome I did not pay attention to the wind.
Finally it dawned on me that it was windy and I got the wind from the side.
Saturday we worked all day moving stuff from the Tioga Arrow to the Coachmen.
Today we brought the new motorhome to the house and worked some more.
Tomorrow we will be leaving for Julian. We will be up there for three days with the Convair Camping Club.
When we come back I have the leveling system removed from the old motorhome and installed on the new one. In the back two new higher capacity jacks are required.
I have to remove the solar panels and put them on the Coachmen.
I will do the same with the two three speed fans I have in the Tioga Arrow.
I have a feeling I will not get much for the old bugger. It is a shame, it runs good, there are only 1000 miles on the new tires, and the refrigerator is only eleven months old.
We will see.

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Diana said...

Congrats! Lookin' good!