Saturday, June 20, 2009

San Diego County Fair

Tuesday the 16th we went to the Fair.
Since I am cheap or thrifty, we choose this day because it was the two dollar entry fee day. There were a lot of other cheap people, too many. To top it off, it was kids free day.
The fair never changes. Besides the animals there is always the Vitamatic guy selling his juice making devices.
The wood working clubs have always beautiful displays. It was a tiring day.

One has to be patient to get in the place. We stood in line for a long time.
We got to ride a double decker bus to get back to our car. The advertising on the side of the bus was from England. Doreen felt at home a bit.

On Thursday the 18th I took the motorhome to Santee to National Spring. They installed new springs in the back. It raised the motorhome two inches, I had expected more.
Chappy and Dottie picked me up and we had breakfast at a restaurant. After breakfast we took Dottie home and I went with Chappy to Kaiser. He had his eyes checked. I drove him home since he had his eyes dilated.
Doreen came to Santee to meet us for lunch at Home Town Buffet. The four of us had a wonderful meal and a good conversation.
Doreen went home after lunch and Chappy brought me back to the motorhome.
The job was completed at 3:15 PM. I called San Diego Trailer Supply and asked them whether I could come over for measuring the height of the motorhome for installing the jacks for the leveling system.
They were busy but could accommodate me the next day at 9:00 AM. Instead of going home and fight the Fair traffic on I-5, I went to the Elks Lodge in El Cajon and stayed there during the night.
In the morning I went back to National Spring and asked them whether they could do
better. They informed me that it would change the handling of the vehicle if they would raise the back more.
At 8:30 AM I arrived at San Diego Trailer Supply. They measured for installing the jacks and told me that they could change the attachment for the tow bar. They will cut out 2.5 inches.
I will remove the swivel skid wheels and install the solid steel wheels, which gains another 1.5 inches. This means a total gain of six inches.
Next Wednesday I will bring the old motorhome to San Diego Trailer Supply for removing of the HWH leveling system.
The rear jacks can not be used on the new motorhome. Higher capacity jacks have to be installed.
I took off already the solar panels and need some time to install them on the new motorhome.

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