Monday, June 1, 2009

New Motorhome

Last Thursday we went to the RV Sales Event at the Qualcom Stadium.
We only wanted to look, but got interested in a 2003, 30 foot, Class A, Coachman Motorhome.
I started to deal with the sales person. He said he had a potential buyer and did not come my way.
So I went back yesterday, Sunday, the last day of the event.
The rig was still there, his buyer had financing problems. So I started dealing again.
After we were through, I was $500.00 over what I wanted to pay, not bad.
First we talked about trading in my Tioga Arrow. I am better off keeping it and stripping it of the expensive items. Right now I am talking to San Diego Trailer Supply, the people who installed the HWH Hydraulic Leveling System on my old motorhome. If it is feasible I will take the parts off and have them installed on the new motorhome.
Unfortunately the refrigerator in the new motorhome is nine inches higher than the one in the old one. Too bad, the fridge in the old motorhome is only, eleven months old.
I was too nervous to think about taking a picture of the new motorhome. I did not take possession of it, because the awning mechanism did not work. The shower door needs some attention and at the back of the unit a piece of fiber glass is loose.
They had to take the motorhome back to Corona to make the repairs.
We might be able to go there on Friday and pick it up.
Monday we start an outing with the Convair Camping Club. We will be going to Julian,an old mining town in our local mountains. Now they are known for their apple pies.
I do not know whether I dare to go with the new motorhome. My old motorhome I know inside out. This one is completely different, a lot more switches and levers.
When we come back from Julian I have to transfer the solar panels from the old rig to the new one. The four house batteries have to be put in one of the basement compartments.
We have a lot of room in our new house on wheels. Doreen loves the bedroom with the large closets. The toilet has plenty of cabinet space and the kitchen has straight in storage under the sink, not a corner where you can not see what is in the back.
Between kitchen and bedroom is a large closet, Doreen has her eyes on that one too.
I am happy with the basement storage facilities, In the back is one large storage area, going all the way from one side to the other. There are doors on both sides.
I wish I had not bought new tires on the old motorhome two months ago. They are too small to fit on the new one.
It sometimes happens, when I buy new tires for a car, I get a new one.
The new motorhome has 22,000 miles on the road, about 100,000 miles less than my old one.


Diana said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to see pictures.

Barbara and Ron said...

Congrats on the new motorhome! I see you're trying to help the economy too. We are doing our best.

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