Friday, December 14, 2012

Borrego Springs 2012 (3)

After breakfast I packed a lunch with some water and I was ready to go on a park ranger guided hike through a slot canyon.
We were to meet at 9:00 AM at the Buttes Pass Road trailhead. Clouds came over the mountains and they were very dark. I knew no ranger would go into a slot canyon when there is a chance of rain. So I did not go.
An hour later it started to rain. It was a steady rain and it rained all day and all evening. The sun did not come out and people were running their generator to charge the motorhome batteries.
I started mine too and took the toaster oven out and broiled two chicken breasts. I cooked bow tie noodles, chopped up some onions and green peppers and made a chicken noodle salad with mayonnaise and balsamic vinegar.
Later I went to the library and spent three hours there. I read some of the national and local newspapers, and some magazines. In the health section of one of the magazines I saw an article about grapefruit.
Grapefruit are supposed to be no good. They interfere with medications. Since I am in grapefruit country right now I eat a big grapefruit every day. A big bag with ten grapefruits cost only $3.00 here. They are the sweet red ones.
I have a lot of time on my hands and should work on my Christmas mail. I do not feel like it. When I am not happy I have a difficult time to accomplish things.

I am still at Peg Leg Smith. The plan was to celebrate Christmas with the WINs in Yuma. I will be staying here another four weeks.
Today I made reservations with the San Diego County Parks and I will join the Convair Camping Club at their January outing at Agua Caliente County Park, which is located not very far from here.
I also will attend the Convair Tooling Group Christmas Luncheon in Santee.
From Agua Caliente I will go to Quartzsite, Arizona.
I called relatives and friends in Germany today. They did not take my bad news lightly. My sister is also worried about me with all those shootings in the United States. They see the same news in Germany.
Today is a slow day. The library is closed on Sunday and Monday. I vacuumed the carpet in the motorhome and did some house cleaning. More Canadians arrived. They will stay all winter. We few Americans are outnumbered. Gordon, my Canadian neighbor, told me that they would let me stay. He is very funny.

Yesterday, on my morning walk, the sky was blue and our little community with the mountains in the back was waiting for another beautiful day. Clouds were hanging on the mountains.

In the afternoon the clouds turned red and the wind picked up. I had to lower the solar panels.

This morning it was calm again. I went with Ron to Brawley where we went to the hardware store and then to Walmart. We had ice chests with us and bought a lot of frozen groceries and fresh vegetables.
My freezer is full again.

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